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Banawa v.

Maria Mirano was the neice of Doroteo Banawa and Julina Mendoza, whom they treated as their own.
The spouses purchased a property in Ia, Taal, Batan!as which they placed under the name of Maria
Mirano as evidenced y a deed of sale.
Maria Mirano died of illness and left as her le!al heirs her closest relatives which are her sister "rimitiva
and the children of her deceased rother. Maria#s heir filed a!ainst the court a claim over the properties in
The court ruled in favour of the Miranos.
%. &hether or not the petitioners’ interpretation of 'ec. (, )ule %** of the +ld )ules of ,ourt
The court held that it is an elementary rule of construction that when the lan!ua!e of the law is clear and
une$uivocal, it shall e interpreted as it says. The !iven rule does not apply to the case ecause Maria
Mirano althou!h adopted does not fall under the re$uirements of the law which pertains to -udicially
adopted children.