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Module III

Lesson 2

Reported by:
Sheena E. Bernal
3rd Year / BEEd -SpEd
Lesson 2
The Role of Technology in Delivering the Curriculum

Instructional media may also be referred to
as media technology, or simply technology.
Technology plays a crucial role in
delivering instruction to learners.

Projected Media
Real objects Overhead
Models Opaque projection
Field Trips Slides
Kits Film Strips
Printed Material Films
Visuals / Audio
Video, VCD, DVD
Visual Boards Media

Table 1 Types of Instructional Technology

Factors for Technology Selection
Practicality Appropriateness in
relation to the learners
Activity / Suitability

The Role of Technology In
Curriculum Delivery
First Trend: Paradigm shift from teacher-
centered to student-centered approach to
Second Trend: Broadening realization that
education is not simply a delivering of facts
and information, but an educative process
of cultivating the cognitive, affective,
psychomotor, and contemplative
intelligence of the learners of a new age.
Third Trend: The use of new information
and communication technology or ICT

Primary roles of educational technology
in delivering the school curriculums
instructional programs are:
Upgrading the quality of teaching-
and learning in schools
Increasing the capability of the
teacher to effectively inculcate
learning, and for students to gain
mastery of lessons and courses
Broadening the delivery of
education outside schools through
non-traditional approaches to
formal and informal learning
revolutionizing the use of
technology to boost educational

Module III
Lesson 2