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Monday 30

of June

Monday 30
of June
Focus: Anaerobic Capacity

Warm up (5 mins)
5 minute jog on the treadmill at 60% of Max HR= 123

Stretching (5 mins)
Dynamic Stretches
1. Front to back leg swing: Hamstring, Glutes, Quadriceps

2. Side ways leg swing: Adductors and abductors

3. Scorpion: Lower back and hip flexors

4. Arm Swings: Chest and Shoulders
Monday 30
of June

5. Leaps for Height: Preparation for explosive movements

Strength & Conditioning (40 mins)
Intermediate Interval Training:
Intermediate training aims to improve lactate tolerance, as performers learn to
tolerate the accumulation of lactic acid and metabolic by-products.
Work ratio: 1:3
Heart rate: 85%-95% of maximum heart rate, which is, (220-15) x 0.85- 095=
174-194 bpm.
Complete two sets of:
1 set:
3 x 150m sprint
3 x 200m sprint
*3 times as much rest as it takes me to complete each sprint will be undertaken in between each
sprint. (eg. If the sprint takes 20 seconds, 60 seconds will be the rest time before the next sprint)

Recovery/Cool Down (10 mins)

Active Recovery to increase EPOC and remove metabolic by-products
Active Recovery = 5 minute walk on treadmill at 50% max HR (102 bpm) followed by a passive
Passive Recovery =A static stretch should be held for 10 to 30 seconds at a point where you can feel the
stretch but do not experience any discomfort. If you feel discomfort, ease back on the stretch.
Remember not to bounce when holding the stretch
These Stretches will be used:

Cool Down
1. Low lunge
Monday 30
of June

Stand with you feet shoulder width apart, sine long and straight, shoulders back
and look forward
Step forward with one leg into a wide stance (legs distance between feet) while
maintain spine alignment
Lower your hips until both knees are beneath at approximately 90 degrees. Your
front knee should not extend over your ankle and your back knee should hover
above the ground
Keep your weight in your heels as you push back up into starting position after the
position has been held.

2. Single leg forward bend
Stand with feet together, and take a step forward
Bring your hands to your hips and lean forward maintaining
a straight spine.
Extend your arms out and hold

3. Arch back
Stand up straight with feet together
Interlock hands and bring your hands up and behind your body,
whilst doing the same with your eyes, titling your head as far
back as possible.
Arch back as far as possible, Bend over. Stand up straight, feet
Maintaining a straight lean forward, and hug legs or try to touch toes, with a
straight back
4. Bend Over
Stand up straight, with one arm hold on ankle of the left. Bend your
left leg, bringing your heel toward your buttock, and grasp your left
foot with your left leg.

5. Standing Quad stretch
Stand up straight, with one arm hold the ankle of the leg. Bend your
left leg, bringing your heel toward your butt, and grasp your left foot
with your left hand.

6. Standing Hamstring stretch
Using a bar, or solid object such as a table top at hip height, place one
ankle on top of the bar keeping the leg straight. Maintaining a straight back bring
your chest to your knees as far as possible until a stretch can be
felt in the hamstrings.