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‘Weve always hated f We don't need FY You scum! Youre nothing... You ‘money's gorel ‘Your marra’s old purse was under the back se s/lz Here's your going ‘away present 's that quy wearng ‘woman's gurse” That's my mons purse. She. uh. t me borow it Thisis Oticer Davis. We found an |, allcaior purse with your name on it, Was it stolen? (Oh my goodness! That was six months 290 dsagpeated when my boy fn ‘nay and took curcar. [Have you seen my precious boy? His name is Bruce We love him so much, ‘Yes, mavam, we have him in| custody. He claims he borrowed your purse. No, Metal Do you : want to pres charges? Oh weavers where he is... Mail ‘They never did eam my respect... HATE THEM! OhBruce. 80 bappy my by iss {Were gcirghome now. J igota fst of things!) want you fo buy for jol my money Boo, romemter mmo? I's Hemy how are you and yourtami/? Bruce was in al again. Frances pad the bond and they're on the way roma. ‘| a i - fs He's into drugs, crime and violence. He hales everything alput us but our money. Henry, he's in trouble with God We'dbeter pray ‘Shouts Tater J coh Ho ltt mo at ‘the aipor, he hag to mee! someone. He sad ‘Tllbetiome soon... trustme, mom.”