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Athithi Tamil Movie review

Athithi Tamil Movie review
Athithi is a thriller movie directed by Bharathan. It is a remake of 2010 hit Malayalam movie “Cocktail” which
was itself nathori!ed ri"#off of a British movie “Btterfly on a $heel” featrin% &erard Btler and 'eirce
Brosnan. (he ventre is "rodced by )amakrishnan *air nder the +"ellbond ,ilms Inc banner.
Athithi featres *andha- *ikesh )am and Ananya in the leadin% roles while (hambi )amiah- .. .. 'rasanna-
.arsha- and +enrayan "lay "ivotal roles. (he msic of the ventre is com"osed by Bharathwa/ and )atheesh
.e%ha. *ow- let0s take a look at the Athithi movie review.
Athithi Movie revolves arond the story of a married co"le who lead a "erfect life and have everythin% in
materialistic sense. (he man is a sccessfl bsinessman and has a blissfll married life. Bt soon one incident
trns their life "side down.
A man one day asks for a lift in their car. And then - disaster strikes as the stran%er tells them that he has
kidna""ed their da%hter and starts blackmailin% them. +o- will they be able to save their da%hter- is the rest of
the story of the movie.
(here wasn0t mch to do in terms of "lot or character develo"ment as the movie is a remake of another movie-
therefore director Bharathan had "lenty of time to focs on other as"ects of the movie. 1owever- it seems he
has been nable to tilise it "ro"erly as there are some si%nificant flaws in the movie. (he movie has an neven
rhythm and flow of the movie is also erratic.
(he movie cast has also decent an avera%e movie. Bt thanks to the %ood "lot of the movie whcih has been
scessfl twice before- Athithi cold be tolerated once.
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