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Crassostrea iredalei, a slipper-cupped oyster, is a filter feeder organism which
has the capability to accumulate pollutants such as heavy metals in ambient water.
This study was undertaken to investigate the effect of varying concentrations of
cadmium contamination on the total protein of C. iredalei haemolymph and soft
tissue. Oysters were exposed to different concentrations (0.1, 0.3 & 0.5 ppm) of
cadmium with a negative control for 4 days under controlled conditions. Haemolymph
and soft tissues from 10 randomly selected oysters of each group were collected
separately for total protein quantification and heavy metal analysis. Cadmium
concentration on samples was measured using atomic absorption spectrophotometer.
Total protein quantification was done using Lowry assay at 720 nm. Data gathered
revealed that total protein concentrations in soft tissues of oysters significantly
increased (p-value< 0.05) due to the stress caused by the toxicant. However, the
analysis of variance of the results gathered from the haemolymph revealed significant
change in group 1 and group 3 (p-value< 0.05) while group 2 showed no significant
Keywords: Oyster, haemolymph, toxicant, contamination, heavy metal, cadmium