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Students workshop


interactive way how to teach landscape planning
doc. Dr. Ing. Alena Salašová
Mendel University Brno
Dept. of Landscape Planning
Teaching objectives:
• Principles of implementation of the European Landscape
• Understanding of the cultural landscape
• Collaborative planning
• Communication
• Team work
• Creativity, innovation processing

Teaching methods

• Lectures (theory, examples of the case studies)
• Field work (special skills, discussion)
• Case study

Simulation of the real professional life
Team work
Collaboration with the stakeholders
Landscape quality assessment
Landscape plan
Presentation and discussion


• ENTRACOP – Enhancing teaching of
collaborative planning in natural
resource management
• TRACOPI - Enhancing local program
based innovation and development – a
landscape and natural resources
• IP – Innovation in rural development
• IP – Adapting to climate change in
Europe´s peri-urban and rural high risk

What do you need?

• 3 weeks „free time“
• 50 enthusiastic students
• 8 teachers
• 6 - 8 very good partners (experts, municipalities)
• many stakeholders
• some money….


• 8th semester (Bachelor)
• 1st week – lectures, field work in Lednice
• 2nd week – case study – landscape analysis, collaboration
with stakeholders, problem definition
• 3rd week – case study – landscape plan, public

Lectures – prof. Tomohiro Ichinose
Field work

Field work

Case studies

Case studies

Meeting with the mayor of Čížov village (NP Podyjí)

Collaboration with farmers

and the miller

Landscape for children – Kozmice, 2014

Meeting with the village representatives – SWOT analyses (Kozmice)

Team work – Veltrusy dominium

Final presentation

Public exhibition