1. What is your name and last name?

(¿Cuál es tu nombre y apellido?)
My name’s Emanuel
and my last name´s Arrese Campana

2. How old are you?
(¿Cuantos años de edad tienes?
I’m 24

3. How do you define yourself?
(¿Cómo te defines?)
I’m dedicated, fast, I like work

4. Do you consider yourself successful?
(¿Te consideras exitoso?)
Yes, I’m successful

5. What studies are you?
(¿Qué estudios tiene?)
I’m mechanic ingeenier and I have certificated of hydraulic sistems

6. Have you worked before?
(¿Has trabajado antes?)
Yes, I worked in a metal mechanic

7. Why it was or was fired?
(¿Por qué se fue o lo despidieron?)
I went becouse they moved to lurin

8. Do you like your job?
(¿Le gusta su trabajo?)
Esto no va man porq se supone q no trabajo ahor ajejej

9. How you have treated their former employers?
(¿Cómo le han tratado sus jefes anteriores anteriores?)
Fine, they were very cordial

10. Describe his father
(Describa a su padre)
My father is good, he’s 56,he’s workerand fanny

11. What has been done while unemployed?
(¿Qué ha hecho mientras estaba desempleado?)
I study english
12. Do you like my company?
(¿Le gusta mi empresa?)
Yes, I would like to work here

13. Are you a smoker?
(¿Eres fumador?)
No, i’m not smok
14. Woul you prefer to work alone or in groups?
(¿Prefiere trabajar solo o en grupo?)
I like working in teams

15. Are you married?
(¿Está casado?)
No I’m not

16. Do you have good health?
(¿Tiene buena salud?)
Yes, i do

17. Does exercise to keep fit?
(¿Hace ejercicio físico para estar en forma?
Yes, i do

18. Do you speak languages?
(¿Domina idiomas?)

Yes I do, I’m speak English and spanish

19. Mention your virtue and your default
(Menciona tu virtud y tu defecto)
I’m punctual, and worker, but but I do not consider a man with flaws

20. Do you consider yourself a leader?
(¿Te consideras líder?)
Yes I do