Parens patriae

15 U.S. Code § 15c - Actions by State attorneys general

For those readers that are clueless, section (a)(1) of the statute:
(a) Parens patriae; monetary relief; damages; prejudgment interest
(1) Any attorney general of a State may bring a civil action in the
name of such State, as parens patriae on behalf of natural persons
residing in such State, in any district court of the United States having
jurisdiction of the defendant, to secure monetary relief as provided in
this section for injury sustained by such natural persons to their
property by reason of any violation of sections 1 to 7 of this title. The
court shall exclude from the amount of monetary relief awarded in
such action any amount of monetary relief

So what, how does this apply to the mortgage servicing Consent Order?
Many questions arise and it is up to each to seek answers!
Examples of question;
1. In reading the statue can a state’s lawmaker’s direct payment to the state’s
general fund for benefit of all the states citizens?
2. Can lawmaker’s legally direct monies awarded to a selected class to another
class of citizens?
3. If lawmakers are not legally able to redirect settlement payments, and as
have taken an oath to uphold a state’s constitution, would such redirection be
equal to theft?
4. If misdirecting the monies was in violation of law, have criminal laws been
5. If lawmakers did in fact violate criminal law would qualified immunity be
available as a defense to prosecution.
6. If lawmakers did in fact violate criminal law would such lawmaker have
committed treason?
This list of legal questions is only limited to applicable law…

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