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We MUST have UFO Disclosure

In July 1947 an artificial object from another world crashed in the
desert not far from Roswell, New Mexico !"# $his artefact, some
%ind of s&acecraft, a 'flyin( saucer' or ')*', was secretly sal+a(ed
by the ! ,o+ernment and a media co+er story about a weather
balloon comin( down was instituted in its &lace# $his co+er-u& is still
(oin( on after sixty-se+en years# It is now a necessity that it ends#
$he truth about the existence of extraterrestrials must be told# $his
is necessary for more than just satisfyin( our curiosity and ma%in(
us aware of the nature of the uni+erse# *ur world is headin( for
catastro&he because of our use of fossil fuels# $his is causin(
&ollution, en+ironmental destruction, wars and &o+erty on a +ast
scale# $he Roswell flyin( saucer was dri+en by a hi(hly so&histicated
&ower&lant and &ro&ulsion system that needs no fuel source and is
+irtually infinite in its out&ut# It may be &ossible to re+erse en(ineer
this technolo(y and use it for the betterment of humanity and the
.arth# It could well be that this wor% has been done already, under
a co+ert scientific &roject, and the ! ,o+ernment are %ee&in( it
secret, in which case it must be immediately declassified# /lease do
all you can to achie+e this0 !ee the websites below for more detail1