and Labrador
OC20 1 0-096
Deputy Clerk
Cef'tified to be a tf'ue cop,! 0/ a minute 0/ a meetifU) .
0/ the Committee 0/ the Gxecutive Councilo/ newfoundland and
ciabf'adof' appf'oved b'l fl-id fl-oywUf' the ciieutenant-(jo(Jef'Mf' on
MC2010-0182. FIN2010-010.
Under the authority of section 24 of the Financial Administration Act, the
Lieutenant Governor in Council is pleased to approve the preparation of a General
Warrant for the signature of His Honour the Lieutenant Governor, by his sign
manual, countersigned by a Member of the Treasury Board other than the Minister
of Finance and President of Treasury Board, to authorize and require the Minister
of Finance and President of Treasury Board to issue, out of the monies granted to
Her Majesty by the Interim Supply Act, 2010, for the purpose of defraying the
expenses of the public service, the sums required from time to time to defray such
expenses not exceeding the sums voted or granted.
Clerk of the Executive Council

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