A Passover Introduction

by Lee
Welcome, to the table of Passover feast
Drink four cups of wine, please, at least
Lean to one side and partake of the treats [original: Lean to one side and
partake of these treats - 3/27/14]
Durma, charoset, and cake, but no beans...
Though first, a moment to hear our tale
When our people suffered in Egypt's pale
And when God who finally heard our wails ['who' added 3/27/14]
Led one man to claim a staff and hale:
[sing] "Let my people go!"
Moses said straight to Pharaoh [original: This, Moses s
aid straight to Pharaoh - 3/27/14]
And what did he say in return you suppose?
I'll give you four questions so you may know.
Four sons tonight, Dayenu will sing, [original: Tonight, four sons to
gether, Dayenu will sing, - 3/27/14]
As Miriam's timbrels shall surely ring
But aren't we forgetting one last thing? [original: But aren't I forgetti
ng one last thing? - 3/27/14]
Oh yes! The joy,
of our families together
and what it brings. [original: Oh ye
s, the joy our family together shall bring. - 3/27/14]
So before we die of hunger (uygh, you're so thin!)
Do let the Pesach tale, begin.

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