Squaring 2-digit numbers that end in 5

If a number ends in 5 then its square always ends in 25. To get the rest of the product take the
left digit and multiply it by one more than itself.
35x35 ends in 25. We get the rest of the product by multiplying 3 by one more than 3. So, 3x4 =
12 and that's the rest of the product. Thus, 35x35 = 1225.
To calculate 65x65, notice that 6x7 = 42 and write down 4225 as the answer.
85x85: Calculate 8x9 = 72 and write down 7225.
Multiplying together 2-digit numbers where the first digits are the same and the last digits
sum to 10
Let's say you want to multiply 42 by 48. You notice that the first digit is 4 in both cases. You
also notice that the other digits, 2 and 8, sum to 10. You can then use this trick: multiply the first
digit by one more than itself to get the first part of the answer and multiply the last digits
together to get the second (right) part of the answer.
An illustration is in order:
To calculate 42x48: Multiply 4 by 4+1. So, 4x5 = 20. Write down 20.
Multiply together the last digits: 2x8 = 16. Write down 16.
The product of 42 and 48 is thus 2016.
Notice that for this particular example you could also have noticed that 42 and 48 differ by 6 and
have applied technique number 4.
Another example: 64x66. 6x7 = 42. 4x6 = 24. The product is 4224.
A final example: 86x84. 8x9 = 72. 6x4 = 24. The product is 7224
Squaring other 2-digit numbers
Let's say you want to square 58. Square each digit and write a partial answer. 5x5 = 25. 8x8 = 64.
Write down 2564 to start. Then, multiply the two digits of the number you're squaring together,
Double this product: 40x2=80, then add a 0 to it, getting 800.
Add 800 to 2564 to get 3364.
This is pretty complicated so let's do more examples.
32x32. The first part of the answer comes from squaring 3 and 2.
3x3=9. 2x2 = 4. Write down 0904. Notice the extra zeros. It's important that every square in the
partial product have two digits.
Multiply the digits, 2 and 3, together and double the whole thing. 2x3x2 = 12.
Add a zero to get 120. Add 120 to the partial product, 0904, and we get 1024.
56x56. The partial product comes from 5x5 and 6x6. Write down 2536.
5x6x2 = 60. Add a zero to get 600.
56x56 = 2536+600 = 3136.
One more example: 67x67. Write down 3649 as the partial product.
6x7x2 = 42x2 = 84. Add a zero to get 840.
67x67=3649+840 = 4489.

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