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“It is the people that make up the place, hence it is the people

that are most important. That is you, that is me, that is all the
and y!
students in the school.”
The role of the Students’ Union is to promote and
safeguard the interests of student body as well as that
of the polytechnic.
As such, every Executive Committee of the Students’ Union runs many events
and implements policies during their office term in order to fulfill that role.

Prestige Freshmen Orientation Camp

The Prestige Scheme is a The premier orientation camp of the
privilege scheme initiated and school. FOC is run with the sole
run by the Studentsʼ Union. It purpose to allow students from
allows students of NP different schools within NP to meet
bearing the card to purchase and build relationships.
goods and services from
assorted vendors with It is designed to ensure that freshmen
discounts. are exposed to the different nuances
of the school as well as orientate
The Prestige scheme also occasionally holds Prestige them through the use of innovative
Fairs that bring even more vendors with special discounts programs and activities.
into he school for the benefit of the students.

CCA Fiesta Special Projects and Policies

One of the more interesting Apart from events, the Studentsʼ Union has also set forth
things about NP is that she policies to benefit the students of the school. One such
has the most number of initiative is a scholarship that is given out annually to
CCAs compared to the other needy students.
Subsidies are also given to reward the hard work of
NPSU runs the CCA Fiesta student leaders within the school by allocating a Ngee Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Students’ Union Executive Committee
for the benefit of new freshmen to find their fit within the Ann Alumni (NAA) membership to key office bearers of 535 Clementi Road, Blk 73 #02-27 Singapore 599489
100 odd CCAs available to them. CCAs will be setting up CCAs and Academic Societies for their office term. This Tel (65) 64669065/64608067
booths and showing what they are all about during this membership allows them access to the Alumni Fax: (65) 64622926
annual event. Clubhouse. Email: