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Try Again Grammar

Place the correct punctuation in the blanks. Sometimes the answer is nothing…(heh-heh-heh)

These wily boys may have a secret album-title exchange program with Kelly Clarkson___but
everything else about In Rainbows is typically hard-rocking ___ Radiohead. Like every other
Radiohead album except Kid A___still their most famous album, but they only made it once ___In
Rainbows has uptempo guitar songs and moody acoustic ballads___full of headphone-tweaking
sound effects. All of it rocks___none of it sounds like any other band on earth___ it delivers an
emotional punch that proves all other rock stars owe us an apology.

Circle the verbs in the following passage.

In a brilliant move, Radiohead released In Rainbows via optional-pay download; I paid $5.27, in
honor of my mom's birthday. Almost all the songs are already familiar to fans from live versions, but
here they become expansive new creations. "Arpeggi" and "Bodysnatchers" ride on white-heat
rhythm-guitar overdrive, while "House of Cards" is a fragile lovers-rock ballad closely resembling
Dusty Springfield's (and the Byrds') "Going Back." "All I Need" has erotic pleading ("I'm an animal
trapped in your hot car"), sad chimes in the "No Surprises" mode, and an ominoso synth-piano
rumble. On 2003's Hail to the Thief, Yorke's vocals were all punk rage, but here his voice has an R&B
lilt that suits the songs' romantic directness.

Tell me whether each of the sentences in the preceding paragraph is a compound, complex, or
compound/complex sentence. I’ll give you the first word each sentence.

In ______________
Almost ___________
“Arpeggi” _________
“All I Need” ________
On ______________

Circle the pronouns and draw a line to the antecedent (if there is one)

The end of "Videotape" is the only time they dip back into dated glitch-blip electronics. Otherwise,
Radiohead is full of vividly collaborative sonic touches, from the Gary Numan synth-nightmare
drones of "All I Need" and "House of Cards" to drummer Phil Selway's surprisingly deft way with his
brushes and woodblocks. No wasted moments, no weak tracks: just primo Radiohead. Hell, I'm going
back and tipping them another quarter just for the finger-cymbal solo on "Reckoner."

Write a sentence (about Radiohead) that has a colon and is compound/complex