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Eliodoro Virrueta

2054 Via Rancho

San Lorenzo, CA 94580

Bank: American Home Mortgage Servicing

Loan # 1001113394

This letter is a formal request for a loan modification rate/reduction

on my pick a payment loan.
I am very concern in regards to the mortgage market. It worries
me a great deal the idea of thinking my principal balance
increasing and the value of the property is decreasing in a scary
way. I will like to prevent a potential foreclosure. I am requesting
for you to modify my loan to a 4.5% 30 year fixed rate. This is the
only affordable way for me to make a payment and reduce my
mortgage balance, and keep my home. I will love to be able to
keep my property. I tried to refinance but I was no able to do it.

If you have any questions or need further documentation please

feel free to call me directly at (408) 205-0033

Blanca Beal
130 W. 11th St. Ste. E
Tracy, CA., 95376
(209) 839-0003 Bus
(209) 839-2371 Fax

Eliodoro Virrueta