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HOTEL CALIFORNIA Moderately slow-with Reggae flavor Quasi Guitar nf but ay i On a dark des -ert highway, ‘There she stoodin the — door-way: fi warm smell of and co-li ~ tas, SF Words and Musie by DONHENLEY, GLENN FI ‘and DONFELDER cool wind In my heir; 1 heard the mis~ sign bell. 4 Up a-head in the dis -tance Then she lit up a can- dle rising up through the air, Twas think-in'to my -self,."Thiscould be Heav-en or thiscould be Hell." I saw a shim-mer- ing and she showed me, the light, way. i? 1976.8 1977 LONG RUN aTUSIC PUBLISHING, FINGERS MUSIC PUBLISHING ond 2 SUSIE CORP, All Rights Reserved (Copyright in Dapate) Eo {e ‘My bead grew hea-vy and my sight grewdim, Thad to stop for the night. ‘There werevol-ces downthe cor- ri - dor, Fg ¥ Ee eS, ~ —— T thought T heard theta say, 1 a = =e | a pope —— = ee — love ~ ly place, sweh a love ~ ly place) Sue # 2 ~ —— = - Plen-ty ofroom_ at the Ho- teil Cal -i-for - ve - dy face. love - Jy face. 2.They liv -in' if up__ at the Ho - tel Cal - i-for - > mt of year, — sur-prise_ Her mind is So I Tif -fan- y - twist- ed; called up the Cap -tain, 3 fa She got a lot of pret-ty,— pret-ty boys— "Wehave-n't had that — spir - How they dance in the court - yard, And still those. (an-y time (what a nice Ed = ToCodaty you can find ithere.— of Year) bing your sur-prise)_ it here since she got the Mer-ce-des bends. "Please bring memy wine." 3 iF that she calls friends. nine-teen six - ty nine."__ —_— sweet sum-mer sweat. voi-ces are call-ing from far a= way,