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STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Am Am /Gk Ams bare there's a |[ lady woo'ssureal tat | ati ters is gold ard she's ign on the wall,but she |wants to be sure,teause you ce ¥ = a stair = way | heaven, when she times words have two | mean ~ ings. Ih a - st = SS SS gets there she knows if the | ctores are all closed, with a tree by the brookjthere's a | Song - tird who sings, — some-times a re fa. oe = Si ‘and she's | pay - ing a state = way fo | heav Amt Em 2 © 23 Ant D Am? Fu Dc D { makes me won der. © Ga Am feel - ing 1 got whon look tthe west,—_and_ my whis =pered that soon IE all call the tune,” then the it is ery - ing for leay - ing, er will lead ast rea - son. Oy + = thoughts T have seen rings of | smoke Uirough the trees, and the new day will dawn for | those wha stand longy—and the - es of those who stand ook - ing. eats will een - 0 with Jaugh - ter. =F Am s 1S laggh - ter bus- tle in your Your head is hum-ming and it 4 ~ = Zz