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In Rare Fashion

Special Collections Infrastructural Aesthetics

Shannon Mattern
The New School | New York
Archive Wall @ Nam June Paik: Global Visionary,
Smithsonian Institution
Via Morbid Anatomy
The Mast Brothers, Our Chocolatiers
Queens College Library, Oxford
Oberlin Archives
Mark Dion, The Packet
Via Cervin Robinson
Via Christina Davis
Bowdoin & Penn Special Collections Centers
Piano Rolls, National Film & Sound Archive, Australia
NYPL, Scientific
May 27, 1911;
via NYPL
Digital Gallery
Philips Exeter
Library, Wikimedia
Via Seattle Times
TAX arquitectura, Biblioteca Jose Vasconcelos, Mexico City, 2006
Netherlands, 2012
Dartmouths Rauner Special Collections
Beinecke Library
Left: Victor Burgin Performative/Narrative, 1971. Black and white photographs and printed text in sixteen parts.
Each 45.7 x 86.4 cm. Right: detail. Courtesy the artist, John Weber Gallery, New York, and Galerie Liliane &
Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris. DACS, London.
Visualizing RFID, Touch
My Archives, Libraries + Databases Class
@ NYC Municipal Archives
Digital Preservation @ The New Museum
University of Georgia Special Collections Library Exhibition Spaces
William H.
Wright Special
Exhibit Area,
Robert B. Haas
Family Arts
Library @ Yale
Event Space @ Penn
Special Collections;
Auditorium @
University of GA
Special Collections
Special Collections
Woodberry Poetry Room @ Harvard
My Class Doing Creative Classification Exercises
@ The Interference Archive & The Reanimation Library
Mapping the Dutch Republic of Letters,
Scott Weingart
Dublin Institute of Technology, Energy Analysis Retrofit
Kit of Parts, Whole Bldg Design Guide; Uni Project, a modular, open-air library;
Ideas Box, a portable multi-media kit
Thank you.
Thomas Demand,
Archive, 1995.