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Standard Invoice:

1. Check date in calendar – indicates “all direct cost posted”. Print the PSRs to determine
invoices that would be prepared for the period. On the PSRs – under the “Current period
actual” look for the amount. If the amount is 0.00 – no invoices. If the invoice is other
than 0.00 – look under Project Type to see it’s FFP. Anything with FFP would not be
prepared. Sort and discard all 0.00s and FFPs. Sometimes all costs do not show up on
PSRs; we may need print PSRs over to see all costs.

2. a) Using Project Receivable Inquiry- determine Invoice number (Ex. 33429.00/….) and
print mailing instruction for invoices – obtained from PSRs.

b) Pull out all Label copies for the invoices – obtained from PSRs. Make sure – invoice
number from Project Receivable Inquiry is the next one to invoice number on Label copy.

3. Calculate bills – following the date from calendar.

4. Print all Preliminary Invoices. When print Preliminaries – print into groups:







5. Put together : Mailing Instruction -Preliminary Invoice - PSR - Revenue Worksheet (for
T&M) – Label Copy.