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1. The most appropriate formation for a casing seat is

a. Fractured Limestone b. Fractured Dolomite d. Porous Sandstone e. Clean Shale
2. Shear mechanism of cutting formations requires that the formation exhibit a
a. High Compressive strength b. Low compressive strength
3. In formations where heavy to complete losses of circulation are expected the jet sizes should be
a. Very small b. Very large or open
4. What is the benefit of a center jet in a bit?
The Center jet or nozzle helps clean the dead spot in the center area of the formation and also
aids in cone cleaning to a certain degree. It can increases ROP up to 10 % due to optimum cleaning of
the hole.
5. Resistance to flow in mud due to chemical reactions is called
a. Plastic Viscosity b. Yield Point c) Gel Strength
6. Annular velocity is generally considered across
a.BHA c.Drill Collars c.Drill Pipe
7. In Cement Bond Log if the MV records very high readings (40 to 50 Ohms) the quality of the cement
bond would be rated
a. Excellent b. Good c. Fair d. Poor e. Free Pipe
8. Name 5 mud properties which are taken at regular intervals at the drilling site. Give their units
a. Mud Density (Sp.Gr, PPG) b.Funnel Viscosity (sec) c. Filtrate or water loss (cc) d. Solids Content (%).
e.Chlorides (ppm)
9. A mast remains a single after manufacture and is relatively portable. True/False
10. A three joint of drill pipe is a) Double b) Single c) Triple or stand
11. Name 4 casing accessories
a.Shoe b. Float collar c. Stage Collar d. Centralizer
12. In designing a casing program the liner is run from the surface to the sections total depth.
13. With a top drive the rotary table does not rotate. True/False

14. Which of the following is not part of the auxiliary equipment on a rotary rig?
a. Electric Generators b. Mud Pumps c. Air Compressors d. Degasser e. Desilter and Desander
15. What does the abbreviation SIDPP and SICP stands? In calculating kill mud weight which is
considered: SIDPP or SICP.
SIDPP stands for Shut in Drill Pipe Pressure and SICP stands for Shut in casing Pressure. SIDPP is
considered for calculating kill mud weight
16. A test performed to determine optimized drilling parameters is called.
a. Drill off Test b. Bottoms up Test c. BOP Test d. Leak off or Formation Integrity Test
17. If a formation contains abundant chert and pyrite PDC is an ideal bit to drill such a formation.
18. Metallic displacement Sheet is maintained during tripping to determine if there is any inflow or loss
of circulation. True/False
19. During mixing cement the excessive foam produced is eliminated by adding.
a. Fluid Loss Additive b. Retarder c. Dispersant d.Antifoam
20. Acidization/Stimulation is performed to increase the production of a well. True/False
21. Name three sandstones formations producing hydrocarbon in Pakistan.
1. Lower Goru Sandstone 2. Pab Sandstone 3. Ranikot Sandstone
22. What are the three Well Planning Objectives?
a. Minimum Cost b. Safety c. Usable Hole
23. The overburden stress gradient is supposed to be: a. 0.433 psi/ft b. 0.465 psi/ft c. 0.770 psi/ft.
24. Heat from the formations and friction of drilling makes flow line mud temperature.
a. Much higher b. same c. Much lower than the surface temperature
25. The pressure at any point inside the borehole comes from the weight of the mud
a. Above it b. Below it
26. Almost no mud cake is built over the a. Solid Rock b. Permeable Rock, since no filtrate enters such a

27. Just as water buoys up heavy objects, the mud buoys up the drill string so the downward pull on the drill
string is a. Increased b. Decreased
28. As solids increases the viscosity of the drilling fluid it a. Becomes easier b. Harder to pump through the
the borehole
29. At high pump rates all types of fluids becomes a. Laminar Flow b. Turbulent Flow c. Transitional Flow
30. Fluids that flow easily, yet form gels when they stop flowing are called a. Dispersed Fluids b. Flocculated
Fluids c. Thixotropic Fluids.
31. The Thixotropic properties of drilling fluids are very useful in keeping cuttings a. Suspended b. Not
suspended when drilling stops.
32.In case of complete loss of circulation it is a good practice to pump cement through bit. a. Yes b. No
33.In formations where large concentration of LCM is to be pumped the jet sizes should be: a. Large b. Small
34. Barite has SP.GR of: a.4.2 b.3.6 c. 2.4
35. Formation damage is minimal when fluid loss is: a. High b. Low
36. Fixed cutter bits runs longer in hole as these have no moveable parts. A. True b. False
37. A column of fresh water in 8 inch hole at 1000 feet will exert a hydrostatic pressure of: a. 433psi b. 250
psi c. 465 psi
38. A bit which is coded 1-1-3 is a: a.TCI bit b. Tooth /Milled bit
39. PDC bit is a roller cone bit: a. True b. False
40.If the annular velocity is below recommended range cuttings will: a. Will remain suspended in hole b. Will
rise to surface and fall on the shaker screens
41. Which is a more economical bit: a. Bit cost: $25,000: Cost/feet: $50 b.Bit cost: $125,000: Cost/feet: $40
42. Name 5 indicators which while drilling approaches, but have not yet penetrated a high pressure zone are
a. Increase in transit time in Sonic log b.Decrease resistivity in resistivity log c. Decrease in shale density
factor d. The chlorides content in drilling fluid will increase e. A drilling break (ROP will increase 2 to 3
times in transition zone)
43. What is a tangible cost in AFE /Budget?
Any item which has a salvage value


44. Name 3 tangible costs in AFE/Budget
a. Tubular Equipment b. Well head Equipment c. Completion Equipment
45. Name 3 Intangible costs
a. Drilling Fluids b. Cementing c. Rental Equipment
46. On consignment basis the service company
a. Charge the operator for all the items/materials supplied to the operator
b. Charge the operator for only for those items /materials which had been consumed by the operator
47. Mud detergents are more effective in a. Surface holes b. Deep, high temperature holes
48) In a fishing situation concerning Green Cement
a) Always know the theoretical top of cement *
b) Theoretical top of cement have no significance
49) In a washout section of the hole
a) Annular velocity is low *
b) Annular velocity is high
50) Horizontal distance between two sections is known as: a) Horizon b) Horizontal c) Depth d)
*Departure 8) Drop point
51) Name 5 sensors which are installed in a Mud Logging Unit. a) Hook load Sensor b) Torques
c) Rotary Speed Sensor d) Pit Volume Sensors e) Flow out Sensor.
52) Abbreviation of AFE is a) Authority for Expenditure b) Approval for Expenditure c)* Authorization
for Expenditure
53) In a primary casing cementation job dispersants are added to a) Increase the viscosity of the cement
slurry b) *Decrease the viscosity of the cement
54). If an item has a salvage value it is a) *Tangible b) Intangible
55). Name the 3 types of pressures commonly mentioned in Drilling Terminology. a) Normal Pressure
b) Subnormal Pressure c) Abnormal Pressure

56). What are the main factors which can result in abnormal pressures/well kicks? a) Artesian Systems
b) Uplift c) Fault Communication
57). What is the abbreviation of ICP and FCP? Which plays a pivotal role in killing of a well?
ICP: Initial Circulation Pressure FCP: Final Circulation Pressure. FCP plays a pivotal role in
killing the well.
58). In Casing Design name the 3 Safety Factors. a) Burst b) Collapse c) Tension
12. If a pipe is stuck and the drill string cannot be rotated, raised, or lowered but circulation is
normal, is it a)* Differential Sticking b) Mechanical Sticking
59). Name 5 conditions which can result in drillstring getting stuck. a) Differential Sticking
b) Under-gauge Hole c) Key Seats d) Tapered Hole e) Objects alongside Drill String
60). Name the three Technological Approaches for Formation Evaluation.
a) Electrical Logging and Sampling b) Coring c) Mud Logging
61). Name 5 casing accessories. a) Float Collar b) Stage Collar c) Casing Shoe d) Centralizers
e) Scratchers
62) Length along the drill hole is known as vertical depth a) True b) False
63) The depth from where the traverse extending from the KOP to the slant section is called slant
a) True b) False
64) Rotary bits drill the formation using primarily two principles. Name these principles.
a) Shearing (for soft formations) b) Compression (for hard formations)
65) An operation which will positively confirm the presence of viable hydrocarbon is.
a) Evidence from flush samples b) Readings from gas chromatograph c) Core samples d) DST (Drill Stem
66). What is the abbreviation of CBL and what are the benefits in recording this log?
Cement Bond Log. The units are in Ohms. (0-50 or 100). The higher the ohms number the poorer the
bonding between cement and formation and cement and casing.CBL indicates the quality of cement
bonding and this is the primary benefit.
67) Name the three well planning objectives.
a) Cost b) Safety c) Usable Hole

68) If the inner/outer cutters of a bit are graded 7/8, bearings ineffective, gage:1/8 inch out of gage, dull
char-broken teeth/inserts, 2 locked cones , can this bit be run again for drilling or even cleaning out cement
A) Yes b) No
69) Seal mechanism to trap abnormal pressure is
a) Dolomite b) Limestone c) Porous Limestone d) Clean Shale
70) Free Point Indicator Tool measures the
a) The deepest top of the stuck section b) The shallowest top of the stuck section
71) Name three tangible costs in AFE or Budget.
a) Tubular Equipment b) Well Head Equipment c) Completion Equipment
72) Mud detergents are more effective in
a) Surface holes b) Deep, high temperature holes
73) The procedure for field determination of fracture gradient is called
a) Lag Off Test b) Formation Integrity Test c) Kick Off Test d) Drill Off Test
74) Are nozzles in a bit interchangeable? a) Yes b) No
75) Is it a good drilling practice to place a cement plug through the bit? a) Yes b) No
76). Name 5 mud properties routinely recorded at drilling site and also give their units.
a. Mud Density (Sp.Gr, PPG) b.Funnel Viscosity (sec) c. Filtrate or water loss (cc) d. Solids Content (%).
e.Chlorides (ppm)
77) If the influx gradient, when the well takes a kick, is 0.2 to 0.3 it is
a) Probable Gas b) Probable combination of Gas and Oil c)Fresh Water d) Probable Water or Salt Water
78) A box is
a) Female section of a connection b) Male section of a connection
79) A brake is a devise in a drilling rig for
a) Accelerating the motion of a mechanism b) Arresting the motion of a mechanism
80) Breakout is to
a) Screw one section of the pipe from another section b) Unscrew one section of pipe from another


81) Which class of cement in majority of primary cementation job?
82. The acceptable working environmental limit of H2S gas is
a)10ppm b)100ppm c)200 ppm e) 300 ppm
83). Drilling in a transition zone, prior to entering abnormal pressured zone the Delta T (Difference
between temperature in and temperature out)
a) Sharply Decreases b) Sharply Increases
84). Name 5 well types.
a) Wildcat b) Exploratory c) Appraisal d) Development e) Work over
85). Bit jet sizes ranges from 3/32 inch to 32/32 inch. a) True b) False
86) Are bit nozzles interchangeable? A) Yes b) No
87) What is the abbreviation of UBD?
Under Balance Drilling
88. Barite is used to
a) Increase Mud Density b) Increase Mud Viscosity
89). Name 4 major systems applied in rotary drilling.
a) Power System b) Rotating System c) Circulating System d) Well Control System
90) Name 2 components of the Power System.
a) Prime Mover b) Drive (Mechanical or electric)
91) Name 2 components of the Hoisting System. a) Derrick or Mast b) Draw-works
92) Name 2 components of the rotary system. a) Bit b) Rotary Table
93. Name 2 components of the Circulating System. a) Mud Tanks b) Mud Pumps
94. Name 2 components of the Well Control system. a) Drilling Mud Blow-out Preventers
95. Name 2 components of the Auxiliary System. a) Electric Generators b) Desander and Desilter
96. Name 2 members of the rig crew. a) Company Man b) Driller
97. Abbreviation of BOP. Blow Out Preventer
98. Abbreviation of ROP. Rate of Penetration
99. Abbreviation of WOB. Weight on Bit 100.Abbrevaition of RPM. Rotation per Minute