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Welcome to Human Resources Zone, established since 1996 this is a site designed to provide

information on Human Resource Management.

The site is designed to provide ou !ith a !ealth of information, on theor and practical advice.
Human resource management is the effective use of human resources inorder to enhance
organisational performance.
1" #aroll
$" Time and %abour Management
&" 'enefits in (dminstration
)" HR Management.
(ll in all, the HR function is still to a large degree adminstrative and common to all organisations.
To varing degrees, most organisations have formalised selection, evaluation, and paroll
processes. *fficient and effective management of the +Human ,apital+ #ool -H,#" has become an
increasingl imperative and comple. activit to all HR professionals.
The HR function consists of trac/ing innumerable data points on each emploee, from personal
histories, data, s/ills, capabilities, e.periences to paroll records. To reduce the manual !or/load of
these administrative activities, organisations began to electronicall automate man of these
processes b introducing innovative HRM01H,M technolog.
2ue to in programming, capabilities and llimited technical resources, HR e.ecutives rel
on internal or e.ternal 3T professionals to develop and maintain their Human Resource Management
0stems -HRM0".
'efore the +client4server+ architecture evolved in the late 1956s, ever single HR automation process
came largel in the form of mainframe computers that could handle large amounts of data
transactions. 3n conse7uence of the high captial investment necessar to purchase or program
proprietar soft!are, these internall developed HRM0 !ere limited to medium to large
organisations being able to afford the internal 3T capabilities.
The advent of client4server HRM% authorised HR e.ecutives for the first time to ta/e responsibilit
and o!nership of their sstems. These client4server HRM0 are characteristicall developed around
four principal areas of HR functionalities