Ned Watches a Horror Show

By Elton Camp
Ned saw, as soon as it did begin
Murderous thugs moving in
Screaming, shooting, running wild
Destroying man, woman and child
Blood and gore were everywhere
Enough most anyone to scare
Then an earthquake began to rumble
Into ruins neighborhoods did tumble
!rightening tsunami then did arise
Taking those on the shore by sur"rise
n air"lane crashed !rom the sky
So hundreds o! !olks had to die
!ather his hel"less young son killed
In a way that all the viewers chilled
#ne horrid event !ollowed the other
So that "oor Ned said, $#h, brother%&
$I 'ust can(t watch this show anymore)
*or such horrors I most surely abhor)&
This you see, i! you choose
To watch +NN evening news

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