Dear Ms.

I am interested in applying for the scientific research summer internship position that was
listed through the Name University Career Services ffice.
I have had a great deal of la!oratory e"perience in chemistry, !iology, and geology, !oth
indoors and in the field. In the la!, I have performed chemical reactions and I am
currently using microscopes to o!serve many specimens. In environmental field studies, I
have conducted outdoor la!s to assess water chemistry.
Last summer, I wor#ed as conservation assistant at Clum!er National $ar#. I am see#ing
to complement this outdoor e"perience with a research internship in order to ac%uire the
!ac#ground necessary for a future career in scientific research.
I !elieve that I would an asset to your program. &his internship would provide me with
the ideal opportunity to assist at your organi'ation and to e"pand my research s#ills.
I will call ne"t wee# to see if you agree that my %ualifications seem to !e a match for the
position. If so, I hope to schedule an interview at a mutually convenient time. I loo#
forward to spea#ing with you.
&han# you for your consideration.
(irstName LastName
Cover letters tend to follow a very simple format)
*. *st $aragraph + ,hy you are writing.
-. -nd./rd $aragraphs + ,hat you have to offer.
/. Last $aragraph + 0ow you1ll follow up.
First Paragraph:
,hen sending out a cover letter it is important to let the employer #now what you are
applying for at the very !eginning of your letter.
For Example:
$lease accept my application for the summer analyst position recently posted on
3lways !e clear, concise, and specific in your communications. &his provides the
employer with the e"act information they need up front to direct your letter to the
appropriate person or department. If you have a mutual contact that referred you, the first
paragraph is the place to include it.
For Example:
Ms. Mary Smith, a 5randeis alumna and 6ice $resident of Corporate 3ffairs at Merrill
Lynch, recommended that I mention her name when applying for the Merrill Lynch
summer analyst position recently posted on Monster&234. My strong academic
commitment in addition to my participation in a num!er of co+curricular activities as well
as a previous internship with Smith 5arney ma#es me an e"cellent candidate for this
Second/Third Paragraph:
,hat you have to offer includes all of the #nowledge and s#ills you have ac%uired in
your college courses, co+curricular and volunteer activities, as well as previous
internships and 7o!s. 89ou may designate one paragraph to discuss relevant coursewor#
and co+curricular activities and the second paragraph for relevant wor#.internship
e"periences or you can choose to include them all in one paragraph.:
For Example:
During my first two years at 5randeis University I continually e"celled in all of my
!usiness courses, especially finance and economics. I have thoroughly en7oyed the
challenges that these courses have provided and I found myself totally immersed in the
overall management and !usiness course culminating in a ma7or pro7ect and presentation
completed !efore several visiting corporate e"ecutives. &he pro7ect re%uired a great deal
of organi'ation along with strong team wor# s#ills to ma#e the presentation a success.
&he outcome was received well !y e"ecutives and the feed!ac# included a statement that
they planned on implementing several of our recommendations at the corporate level. In
addition, I served as treasurer of my sophomore class for two semesters and we put
together two ma7or fundraisers for charities of our choice in the time span of four months.
My internship with Smith 5arney allowed me to fully utili'e my analytical s#ills and
%uantitative reasoning learned in the classroom. 3fter si" wee#s on the 7o!, my
supervisor recommended that I participate in a pro7ect involving senior analysts and I
ended up assisting with the final presentation developed for the !oard of directors. &his
e"perience helped me to learn how to thin# on my feet while also developing an
increased sense of self+confidence.
Last Paragraph:
&he last paragraph is an opportunity to sum up the letter and approach how you will
follow+up. Unless the posting specifically states that they do not accept phone calls or
that they re%uest that you please do not contact them, this is where you will descri!e how
you will follow+up to ensure receipt of your documents and possi!ly re%uest an interview.
5y following up you not only ensure that your documents are received; hopefully, you
will encourage the employer to ta#e a second loo# at your %ualifications. It also indicates
to the employer that you are still interested in the position and are loo#ing forward to
learning more a!out it.
For Example:
&han# you for your time and consideration. I would li#e the opportunity to ma#e a
positive contri!ution to Merrill Lynch while interning as a summer analyst. I will call you
in one wee# to further discuss my candidacy.
9our Name
9our 3ddress
9our City, State, <ip Code
9our $hone
9our =mail
Month >>, -?>>
Contact Name
Company 3ddress
City, State, <ip Code
Dear Mr..Ms. Last Name)
,hen writing a cover letter, the first paragraph tells the employer why you are writing.
9ou may include the name of a shared personal contact, if someone has referred you or
recommend that you contact the person or company. 9ou can also include your college
and status and a short sentence on why you feel you are the ideal candidate for the
&he middle paragraphs of a cover letter are an opportunity to tell the organi'ation what
you have to offer. 2ead the internship.7o! description carefully if you have one and !e
sure to do some research on the company. nce you #now a!out the position for which
you are applying, you can target your cover letter to compliment your resume !y
descri!ing your relevant wor# or internship e"periences, coursewor#, volunteer and co+
curricular activities, etc. 5e specific and descri!e to the company how your s#ills will fill
their needs.
&he last paragraph will descri!e how and when you will follow up. It is your
responsi!ility to follow up unless the internship.7o! description specifically states no
phone calls or email follow up. If emailing your documents, follow+up is usually -@ A @B
hours; if sending documents !y mail, follow up is usually in one wee#.
9our (irst and Last Name
A Free Sample Cover Letter for an Internship
2838 Camphor Lane
DeLand, FL 32720
386-555-2922 begin_of_the_s!pe_high"ighting 386-555-
2922 end_of_the_s!pe_high"ighting
#s$ %manda &a'"son
(ni)ersa" *r"ando
+000 (ni)ersa" ,t'dios &"a-a
*r"ando, F"orida 328+9-76+0
Dear #s$ &a'"son,
#! 'ni.'e mi/ of pre)io's 0or e/perien1e and m! stat's as a (ni)ersit! of
Centra" F"orida b'siness st'dent in m! 2'nior !ear st'd!ing mareting, mae me
an idea" 1andidate for a s'mmer internship 0ith (ni)ersa" *r"ando
#! e/perien1e in sa"es and 1'stomer re"ationship management, 1ombined 0ith
m! 1o'rses in mareting, ha)e 1on)in1ed me that hospita"it! mareting is a
1areer option 3 0o'"d "ie to e/p"ore$
#ore important"!, an internship 0ith (ni)ersa" *r"ando 0o'"d be m't'a""!
benefi1ia"$ 4o'r 1ompan! has an e/1e""ent rep'tation for 1'stomer satisfa1tion,
and 3 no0 that the 1ombination of m! e/perien1e, ed'1ation, and moti)ation to
e/1e" 0i"" mae me an asset to !o'r mareting department$
3 am s're that it 0o'"d be 0orth0hi"e for 's to meet$ 3 0i"" 1onta1t !o' 0ithin a
0ee to arrange a meeting$ ,ho'"d !o' ha)e an! .'estions before that time, !o'
ma! rea1h me )ia phone 5386-555-2922
begin_of_the_s!pe_high"ighting 386-555-2922 end_of_the_s!pe_hi
gh"ighting6 or )ia emai" 51hristina7'1f$ed'6$
8han !o' for !o'r time and 1onsideration$
Christina %pp"eton
8he Co)er Letter 5CL6 is the do1'ment that a11ompanies !o'r C9 0hen !o' are
app"!ing for a 2ob$ For a1ademi1 p'rposes, the do1'ment 'sed is t!pi1a""! 1a""ed
statement of p'rpose, and is "aid o't after some0hat different r'"es$ 8he CL is
short 5200-250 0ords6, 0ith a .'ite rigid str'1t're and has the "a!o't of a "etter$
3ts goa" is to introd'1e the C9, to bring to attention aspe1ts of !o'r a1ti)it! that
1an he"p !o'r app"i1ation and are not "isted or not presented in the proper "ight in
the C9$ 3n short, its goa" is to ans0er the re1r'iter:s .'estion; <=h! sho'"d 3 hire
this person><$
La!o't$ 8he "a!o't is that of a forma" b'siness "etter; !o'r address and 1onta1t
detai"s 1ome 'nder !o'r name, in the 'pper right 1orner of the page$ (nderneath,
a"igned "eft, 0rite the name, f'n1tion, organisation and address of the person !o'
are 0riting to$ 3t is a "ot better to no0 the name of the person 0ho is going to
read !o'r "etter$ 4o' sho'"d address the "etter dire1t"! to him or her$ 3n the 1ase
!o' do not no0 the name, an emai", a "itt"e digging in the net or a phone 1a""
sho'"d he"p !o' get that name, in 1ase it is not mentioned in the offi1ia"
anno'n1ement$ (nder the re1ei)er:s address, b't a"igned right, 0rite the date of
the da! 0hen !o' are 0riting the "etter$ 4o' sho'"d spe"" the name of the month
and 'se fo'r digits for the !ear$ 4o' 1an p't in front of the date the "o1ation, "ie
,ofia, 2nd De1ember 2000$
3f !o' do no0 the name of the addressee, start 0ith Dear #r 5#ister6, #s 5#iss6,
#rs 5#istress6, Dr 5Do1tor6, 0itho't the f'"" stop that !o' might e/pe1t to fo""o0
the abbre)iation, and the s'rname of the addressee, fo""o0ed b! 1omma 5Dear
Dr ,mith,6$ 3n this 1ase, !o' sho'"d end the "etter 0ith the sa"'tation 4o'rs
sin1ere"!$ 3f !o' do not no0 the name, start 0ith Dear ,irs, or Dear ,ir or
#adam and 1"ose 0ith 4o'rs faithf'""!$ 3n %meri1an b'siness 1orresponden1e,
4o'rs tr'"! is a11eptab"e in both 1ases$ Do not start the bod! of the mai" 0ith a
1apita" "etter, sin1e it fo""o0s a 1omma$
,tr'1t're$ 3dea""!, a 1o)er "etter has no more than fo'r paragraphs$ 8he goa" of
the first is to spe1if! 0hat !o' are app"!ing for and ho0 did !o' find o't abo't
that opport'nit!$ 8he "ast one o't"ines !o'r a)ai"abi"it! for an inter)ie0,
s'ggesting in this 0a! a 1on1rete fo""o0-'p for !o'r app"i1ation$
8he se1ond paragraph sho'"d "ist !o'r si""s and .'a"ifi1ations that mae !o' the
right person for the position !o' are app"!ing for$ ?ead 1aref'""! the
anno'n1ement, identif! the re.'irements and see ho0 !o'r si""s mat1h those
re.'ired$ Do not simp"! state !o' ha)e them, pro)e it$ 3dea""!, !o' sho'"d start
from !o'r e/perien1e and sho0 ho0 !o' ha)e de)e"oped those .'a"ifi1ations b!
doing 0hat !o' ha)e been doing@"earning$ ,ame as in the 1ase of !o'r C9, the
res'"t sho'"d portrait !o' as an independent, 1reati)e person that 1an tae
initiati)e and dea" 0ith responsibi"ities, apart from the spe1ifi1 si""s needed for
the 2ob$ 3n short, the se1ond paragraph sho'"d sho0 0h! !o' are good for the
8he third sho'"d point o't 0h! !o' 0ant it$ 4o' sho'"d o't"ine !o'r interest for
the si""s !o' are going to "earn if !o' get the 2ob$ 8he impression "eft sho'"d be
that !o' 1an mae a gen'ine 1ontrib'tion to the 1ompan!:s operations, 0hi"e
sim'"taneo's"! deri)ing satisfa1tion from !o'r 0or$
%fter the fo'rth paragraph "ea)e a b"an spa1e, same as !o' sho'"d do in the
beginning, after the sa"'tation 5Dear6$ =rite the proper 1"osing, as des1ribed
abo)e and !o'r name$ Do not forget to "ea)e a b"an spa1e bet0een the 1"osing
and !o'r name and to sign the "etter in that spa1e$
An1"os're$ 3t is 1'stomar! for forma" "etters to mention 0hether !o' ha)e
en1"osed an! do1'ments a11ompan!ing the "etter$ ,imp"! mention en1"os're, or
0rite 1'rri1'"'m )itae 'nder the heading en1"os're at the end of the "etter$
&rint the "etter on %B 0hite paper same as that on 0hi1h !o'r C9 0as printed,
and p't both do1'ments in an %B en)e"ope of mat1hing 1o"or$ 3f !o' are emai"ing
it re.'est a notifi1ation that !o'r do1'ments ha)e been re1ei)ed$ =ait at "east
t0o 0ees sin1e the da! !o' sent !o'r app"i1ation or after the dead"ine before
0riting again in the 1ase !o' did not get an! ans0er$


http;@@000$serbia2obs$net@eng@2obs@p'b@ad)i1e@1)$htm o)de pog"eda2 C9

,%#&LA C*9A? LA88A? +
4o'r ,treet %ddress
4o'r Cit!, state, -ip
&erson:s Came
Compan! Came
Compan! %ddress
Cit!, ,tate, Dip
Dear 5#r$@ #s$ &erson:s Came6;
,e)era" items mentioned in !o'r ad)ertisement for a ?esear1h %ssistant in the
5name of p'b"i1ation6 on 5date6 s'ggest !o' ma! be sear1hing for someone 0ith
m! ba1gro'nd$ 3n fa1t, 3 0as e/1ited to see ho0 1"ose"! m! .'a"ifi1ations
mat1hed !o'r re.'irements;
4o'r ?e.'irements #! E'a"ifi1ations
F Ga1gro'nd in Gio"og! F Hrad'ated 0ith a G, in Gio"og!@Conser)ation tra1
F Fie"d e/perien1e F 3ndependent st'd! in fie"d resear1h 0ith toads as 0e"" as the
1o'rse Fie"d Gio"og!
F %bi"it! to 0rite reports F =riting endorsement in s1ien1e format
F Gasi1 statisti1a" no0"edge F Co'rse 0or in A"ementar! ,tatisti1s
#! Gio"og! 1o'rse0or has 1entered aro'nd Conser)ation as high"ighted on m!
res'me$ 8his a1ademi1 ba1gro'nd has a"so prepared me for fie"d resear1h$ 3
ha)e taen m'"tip"e Gio"og! and Chemistr! 1"asses 0hi1h ha)e enab"ed me to
impro)e m! resear1h si""s as 0e"" as m! ana"!ti1a" abi"ities$ %s a res'"t of m!
re0arding fie"d resear1h 0ith toads "ast s'mmer and m! a1ademi1 1o'rse0or, 3
am 1onfident that 3 1o'"d mae a strong 1ontrib'tion to !o'r 0i"d"ife resear1h
8han !o' for !o'r 1onsideration of m! 1redentia"s$ 3 0i"" 1onta1t !o'r offi1e in
the ne/t ten da!s to see if !o' re.'ire an! additiona" information regarding m!

4o'r Came
An1"os'res; res'me



Dear ,ir or #adam;
An1"osed is a 1op! of m! persona" res'me brief"! o't"ining m! ba1gro'nd and
.'a"ifi1ations for !o'r 1onsideration$ 3 am seeing a 1ha""enging position of
responsibi"it! as a shore e/1'rsion manager on a 1r'ise ship 0here m!
e/perien1e and abi"ities as a to'r dire1tor and 1oordinator 1an be effe1ti)e"!
'ti"i-ed$ %n! entr! "e)e" 1re0 position 0i"" a"so be 1onsidered$
&"ease note on m! res'me both m! training and ba1gro'nd$ 3 ha)e pra1ti1a"
e/perien1e in se""ing, organi-ing, and imp"ementing to'rs for gro'ps ranging in
si-e from t0o to a tho'sand or more$ 3 am 1onfident that 3 1an do a professiona"
and prod'1ti)e 2ob for !o' on one of !o'r ships if granted the opport'nit!$
3 0o'"d appre1iate the opport'nit! for a persona" inter)ie0 0ith !o'$ 3 ma! be
rea1hed at the abo)e address or b! 1a""ing 5phone n'mber6$ 3 appre1iate !o'r
time and 1onsideration and "oo for0ard to hearing from !o' soon$
9in1e ?edman
An1"os'res; ?es'me J &hotograph
(orma mog mail+a 7e !ila da na pocet#u napisem gde sam nasao tu la!ratori7u #o7o7
sal7em, npr. na netu sam video vas pro7e#at i !as me interesu7e da li imate, pa onda
napises sta te!i tre!a, npr. mesto 'a novog $hd studenta. nda napises da si 'avrsila sa
studi7ama i da si slo!odna da pocnes GGGGGGG8#ada ti odgovara:.
Drugi deo 7e !io ve'an 'a sta sam studirao, na #om fa#ultetu, pomenem smer na #ome
sam, prose# ocena... gde sam radio diploms#i, #oli#o dugo, a#o se la! #ome sal7es !avi
necim slicnim onda !i i na'iv tvog diploms#og !ilo lepo u!aciti, a a#o se ne !ave, ne
'nam #oli#o 7e na'iv rada !itan, ali sama odluci.
I posledn7i deo 7e !io ve'an 'a ul'ivan7e )::: u smislu pocitas cime se oni !eve, a onda
po#usas da u par recenica i sa sto slicni7im nacinom pisan7a n7ihovim 8mali tri#: o!7asnis
da si ti !as 'a to 'ainteresovana i da 7e to ono sto si !as 'elela i da 7e to #ao ostvaren7e
tvog sna )::: 8mislim ne !u#valno ali ne#a#o ta#o:...
Na #ra7u se 'ahvalis i #a'es da si prilo'ila C6 i da se ne ustrucava7u da te #onta#tira7u i
napises svou mail adresu...
I savet ne du'i pismo, par pasusa sa ne#ih *C recenica 7e vise nego dovol7no a#o su
'ainteresovani, sva#a#o ce te #onta#tirati 'a dal7u do#umentaci7u.
Ha sam la!ove tra'io nasumicno, oda!rao sam par 'emal7a i onda #ucao gradove tih
dr'ava i tra'io institute po n7ima, to mi 7e !ilo ne#a#o na7la#se, a super 7e a#o imas ne#u
sa7t sa i'listanim institutima, to ti sva#a#o ola#sava posao.
Da do!i7es potvrdu o /?? !odova, samo moras da 7e tra'is od Marice i mislim da i to ide
na potpis #od de#an#e sto 'naci da nemo7 da misis da mo'es da 7e do!i7es odmah, nego
moras da ce#as.
4ada sam poceo, tra'io sam pra#su ali ne#a#o su mi svi nudili da dod7em i da su mnogo
'ainteresovani ali da sam placam pa sam onda resio da tra'im dire#tno $hd... ali npr.
mo'es reci da si 'ainteresovana 'a ne#u pra#su i na#on toga $hd mesto ali to onda
povlaci da odmah napises u pismu da hoces placenu pra#su, a ne 'nam #oli#o 7e to
'vucno i uctivo #ada ne#oga #onta#tiras prvi put ili da onda ce#as ovu drugu opci7u da te
oni pita7u imas li novca ili stipendi7u... ne 'nam sta !ih ti posavetovao.
Inace #ada nad7es institut odmah idi u 7o!s pa vidi otvorene #on#urse, sve ia#o nema7u
onda procesl7a7 la!ove i nad7i sta ti se dopada i sal7i pa ce da upali na #ra7u ):
C6 ti sal7em veceras 7er nemam ovde ali a#o mo'es podsetime veceras ili #ada !ude !ila
pri netu, u protivnom cu 'a!oraviti...
I evo ti adresa mog instituta imas dva otvorena #on#urs, pa u#oli#o ti se svidi, mo'emo
!iti i #olegeI

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