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The Deerstalker

The Deerstalker

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Published by Elton Camp
The hunt wasn't going well
The hunt wasn't going well

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Published by: Elton Camp on Jun 28, 2014
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The Deerstalker

By Elton Camp
The hunt wasn’t going Elbert’s way
Not a shot had he taken all the day
He pushed through brush waist high
However, not a single buck ran by
Unused hunting stand he found
Still, not a deer came around
Elbert hid beside the lake
lmost shot a doe by mistake
!higgers from head to toe
tormenting itch did bestow
His hunting trip Elbert hated
Seems the deer had vacated
"n the way back to his truck
He saw a way to change his luck
#t may be unsporting and grim
$ut he’d let the deer come to him

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