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Hello i am ..hw r u doing..

Just to ensure I understood this case correctly..our client is a .

Is that thr only objective we r concerned with or is there any other objective
i am missing .
Would u mind if i take a couple of seconds to collect my thoughts together.
Let me start with the industry.Do we have any info on growth rate of
perate for different products
from the competition point of view have competitors launched product like that..
or market shares of competitors..hw many they r
iJust to make sure is business in consideration core competency of the compny o
r company sells other products too
does product has any unique selling proposition .is it a commodity .like how do
we differentiate ourselves in the market
wrt to customers is there any particular customer segment we serve to or is it
just for wrt to age, income ,sex, group/individual consumption ,
asses impact of canabbliization of new product on existing product keeping in m
ind the profit margins
with that info i would like to do analysis..
can i have more onfo on cost fixed and variable costs..
recommend a pilot project t diffenet prices in diffenerent places based on prici
ng that we model from the data..acc to me value pricing can be used
so does that make sense to u..
Conclusion..initial analysis suggets that