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Summer 2007

– Board Chairperson, Lori Van Dusen, commits to a transparent and

participatory process that identifies best qualified candidate(s)
– The Faculty Senate Special Committee on Academic Affairs (SCAA)
reviews draft of qualifications and characteristics of a successful
– The Board appoints 17 members to the Presidential Search Advisory
Committee (PSAC), which include faculty, administration, students, the
MCC Foundation, business, community and Monroe county government
Fall 2007
– SCAA sponsors college-wide forums and surveys to gather input
regarding the college community’s priorities for the next MCC
December 2007 – January 2008
– The two search committees (SCAA and the PSAC) independently review
applications and evaluate the merit of each candidate based on the
essential qualifications and characteristics identified by the Board of
Trustees and each committee submits their semifinalist
recommendations to the Board of Trustees.
– The MCC Board of Trustees adds two applicants to the semifinalist list,
neither of which were recommended by the search committees
February 2008
– Richard Guon replaces Lori Van Dusen as Board chair
• The sudden shift in Board leadership draws media attention to
the MCC Board of Trustees and the presidential search process
• Presidents of the MCC Faculty Association and Faculty Senate
meet with Richard Guon. Mr. Guon states the MCC Board of
Trustees is committed to selecting the person they believe is
best for the position
– Seven semifinalists are interviewed separately by both SCAA and PSAC
March 2008
– SCAA and the PSAC each submit their recommendations for finalist
candidates to the MCC Board of Trustees
• Board of Trustees’ Meeting
– Monday, March 24, 5:00 p.m. in Monroe A and/or B
• finalist candidates selected
• All College Meeting
– Wednesday March 26, 4:30 p.m. in Room 8-200
• SCAA will report their evaluations of the finalist candidates
named by the Board
• March 31 through April 11
– Finalist candidates visit MCC and are interviewed by the MCC Board of
– SCAA sponsors forums for the college community to ask questions of
the candidates
• Board of Trustees’ Meeting
– Monday April 28 (location TBA)
• Recommendation for the next president forwarded to SUNY
• SUNY Board of Trustees
– May 13 or June 17 meeting
– approve or reject MCC’s Board of Trustees’ recommendation