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Educational Tools

Following is a list of sites that are available for teachers to evaluate and/or purchase. I am
not personally recommending any of these titles, but have just collected them so you can try
them out! Be sure to check out my Icing on the Cake page listed below with links to over
50 tools for teachers and learners.

Advanced Survey
...a free, basic, online survey creation tool

...a free, online calendaring site that can be used to post school, activity, or class

Exercises, Quizzes, Tests

...hundreds of links to online exercises, quizzes, and test makers as well as as well as a
subject-arranged list of links to assessment tools

...a suite of wizards to create simple Web-based activities for language learning and

Icing on the Cake: Online Tools for Teaching and Learning

...a collection of many online tools for teaching and learning

Teacher Tools extensive overview with support materials to help teachers better use the
"typical" classroom technology toolset

Nicenet's Internet Classroom Assistant

...a free, well-done, Web-based classroom environment giving teachers and students a
secure forum to collaborate and share ideas

...create word searches, cryptograms, math squares, and other types of puzzles to use
with your lessons

...this site allows you create and correct online quizzes without requiring any
knowledge of HTML and automatically posts them on a server so they may be used by

...a online survey creator that allows 20 questions and 100 responses for free

Web 2.0 Tools

Following is a list of no-cost Web 2.0 sites that are available for teachers to evaluate. Many
of these tools are on the open Internet, so look at them carefully before using with your
students! Be sure to check out my Shedding Light on Web 2.0 page listed below with links
to over 50 tools for teachers and learners.

Aggregator: Bloglines
...a great aggregator for skimming the titles of blog posts from many different blogs

Aggregator: NetVibes easy-to-use Web-based aggregator which allows you to collect all of your RSS
feed on a single Web page

Aggregator: Pageflakes
...a Web-based aggregator that allows you to create a page for you and a page for
students, and includes "flakes" to add in, such as a calculator

Blog: Blogger of the best online blog-creation sites; easy to use, privacy features now built-in,
and it works well

Blog: Class Blogmeister

...a blog site set up specifically for educators and students with many privacy controls

Blog: edublogs blog-hosting site for educators and students of all ages

Database: Zoho Creator online database application that can be used for surveys, inventories, data
collection, and much more
Podcast: Podcasting Tools
...a well-done overview of the process of creating a podcast

Podcast: VoiceThread voice recording that you can attach to pictures and store online

Shedding Light on Web 2.0 presentation support site with links to information and Web 2.0 tools

Social Networking: your bookmarks online, share with viewers, and search, via tags, others' links

Social Networking: Flickr

...a social networking site for photographs; a great source of material for students to

Social Networking: FURL online Web page storage site which allows users to save their personal favorite
sites in an online archive and also search, via tags, the archives of others

Social Networking: application allowing you to instantly post and receive short messages called

Social Networking:

...a site which allows you to create your own social network; consider using a private
social network with your students

Synchronous Collaborative Environments: WiZiQ

...a "a virtual classroom application that is fully equipped with 2-way audio, text chat,
whiteboard, PowerPoint and PDF document sharing capabilities"

Synchronous Collaborative Environments: Yugma

...a "free web collaboration service that enables people to instantly connect over the
internet to communicate and share content and ideas using any application or
Wiki: jottit easy-to-use wiki site that allows you to create a classroom wiki that is only
accessible to students who have the password and students do not need an email
address to sign-up

Wiki: Wikispaces
...create a public, online wiki for free; great for class collaboration

Wiki: Writeboard
...a place to create shareable, Web-based text documents