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Changing Teaching Pratices (1)

Changing Teaching Pratices (1)

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Published by: ji_kaboo on Nov 26, 2009
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TWhat is your perception of the person you observed?
TWhat positive or negative feelings did you have?
THow did you feel as the observed person?
3) As a group, collectively reflect on the question, “How difficult is it to observe and
reach conclusions?”


1) Divide the group into groups of 3.
2) Each group receives a different task to perform (e.g., a copy of a text, a dictation,
a set of questions – all tasks should focus on observation in schools, classrooms and
students as introduced in the materials).
3) Each member of the group is then assigned a role:
Tteacher – co-ordinates the task
Tstudent – performs the task
Tobserver – observes.
4) Analyse the observation by asking, “How can you improve the performance and

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