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Pre Planning Business Report Consulting

Pre Planning & Preparation Report for VC/Bank Loan/Project Loan/Business Financer etc
Do you have any new usiness plan in !in"#
Don$t know or it confuse" fro! where to start planning#
Don$t know how to represent to venture capitals or anks or to other financers#
%here are the Venture capitals& who can provi"e fun"ing& who is the anks who provi"e project
finance etc #
Don$t know what infor!ation nee" to e collecte" for !aking such i!pressive report#
'ee" roa" !ap of how & where to !ove#
(ow to "o !arket feasiility stu"y# (ow to "o technological feasiility stu"y# (ow to "o self
feasiility stu"y# (ow to cover operations feasiility stu"y # etc etc etc )
%e can provi"e answers to all aove with our service calle" Pre Planning & Preparation
Directional report)
*i+e of report is !in ,- pages to ,.. pages ase" on type & si+e of usiness)
%hat you nee" to "o /0 e!ail us elow things at eran"ingin"ia1g!ail)co! &
,) *!all "escription aout your propose" usiness)
3) 4our & 4our tea! profile 5personal& e"ucational& usiness/jo e6p etc 7
8) 4our in"icative proposal of usiness like location& infrastructure& invest!ent etc
%e will revert soon after reviewing your e!ail)
Prakash Bhosale 9 Business Consultant 9 :u!ai 9 .;333.<2-289.;33=88-38=9
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