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LexisNexis® and Lawctopus Announce Collaboration

of June, 2014
LexisNexis and Lawctopus today announced a broad-based, yet deep collaboration on several
areas of mutual interest. Under the arrangement, Lawctopus will help LexisNexis understand
and reach out to the law student market through its platform while LexisNexis will certify and
award law students who write top-notch content for Lawctopus.
LexisNexis® is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed
specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law
enforcement, accounting, and academic markets. Part of eed !lsevier, LexisNexis Legal "
Professional serves customers in more than #$$ countries with #$,$$$ employees worldwide.
Lawctopus is a % year old web based start-up, which grew from a hobbyist blog started from an
NU&', (olkata dorm room to becoming )ndia*s most popular website for law students. +oday,
Lawctopus reaches out to ,-,$$$. visitors a month and employs college managers across /-
law law colleges in )ndia.
0Partnering with a renowned brand like LexisNexis is a dream-come-true for any start-up. Our
content is crowd-sourced with the only incentive being the happy feeling you get when
contributing to a community! ith LexisNexis awarding and certifying our writers! we can surely
look forward towards more excellent content being published on Lawctopus1, said +anu2 (alia,
3!4 and Publishing !ditor of Lawctopus.
0Lawctopus has built itself into a popular! trusted brand for law students in "ndia. e#d love to
reach out to our young readership through their platform and get more insights as to how to
serve this segment better1, said 5ikesh 6hyani, 6irector " 7ead of 8arketing at LexisNexis.
or !ore infor!ation, please contact"
5ikesh 6hyani 9 9 .;# #<% %//%%==
+anu2 (alia 9 9 .;# ;/##,-$/$>