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SINGAPORE: Ab Mutalif BIN HASHIM, Mosque Executive Chairman, Islamic

Religious council of Singapore
SOUTH AFRICA: Katerina KATOPODIS, News Manager, Primedia (Radio 702)
SRI LANKA: Mahindananda ALUTHGAMAGE, Deputy Minister of Power and Energy
TANZANIA: Halifa Hassan HIDA, District Executive Director, Mufindi District Council
TUNISIA: Riadh Ben M"hamed FERJANI, Associate Professor at Press Institute of Tunis
UGANDA: Abdulatiif SSEBAGGALA, Member of Parliament, Parliament of Uganda
WEST BANK: Khalid A.S. SHTAYEH, Moderator and Coordinator, Civic Forum
Institute in Salfeet, West Bank
ZIMBABWE, Dennis MURIRA, Personal Assistant/ National Chairman, Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC)
-- To explain the democratic form of government in the U.S., and the significance of
citizens' participation in the democratic process;
-- To observe the activities of citizen action groups that interact with U.S. elected officials
at all levels to influence political, social and economic change;
-- To explore the diversity of views held by Americans and how this diversity contributes
to a dynamic and resilient political system.