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Two Dollar Challenge

Treasury Committee Working Constitution

The Treasury Committee shall be tasked with keeping records of all transactions; oversight of
any expenditure on supplies or goods for the project; and all transfers of funds to the
microfinance project / projects chosen by the Project Selection Committee.

I. Make up of the Treasury committee.

a. The treasury Committee will consist of 5 members.
b. Three Professors and two students.
II. Selection of the Treasury committee.
a. Professor seats.
i. The current professor teaching Economic Development (Economics 384)
will have the first seat.
ii. The acting chair of the Economics department will have a seat unless the
acting chair wishes to pass the seat onto another professor of his/her
iii. The third professor seat can go to any professor outside of the Economics
department that both other professors think is up to the task.
b. Student seats.
i. One student shall be selected by the current professor teaching Economic
Development (Economics 384), in whatever manner he/she sees fit.
ii. One student shall be voted upon by the class as a representative of the
class to the Treasury Committee.
III. Duties of the Students and Professors
a. Receive donated funds raised by participants in the Living on $2 a Day project.
b. Match the numerical total of donated funds received from participants in the
Living on $2 a Day project with the participants’ pledge form.
c. Hand over all donated funds to the Economic Development Club at the University
of Mary Washington.
IV. Amendments
a. May be put forward by anyone on the committee
b. Must be ratified by a 4/5th or greater vote
c. Amendments will take effect immediately upon ratification.

John Bowers
University of Mary Washington