Abaca / Abaka

Scientific Classification Family : Musaceae (belongs to banana Family) Scientific Name : Musa textilis Common Name : Manila hemp
Volcanic area like the provinces of Albay and Camarines Sur in the Bicol Region are suited for abaca cultivation. The Philippines' tropical climate, rich volcanic soils and high to moderate rain fall are particularly appropriate to the growing of the abaca plant. The abaca fibers are used in the production of handicraft products such as fashion accessories, decorative accessories, furniture, garments, textile, packaging materials, table-top accessories, playthings for pets, sports paraphernalia. Abaca fibers are also used in pulp -making which are used as raw material in the production of currency and bank notes , tea bags, coffee filters, meat casings, coating for pills, surgical caps and masks, high capacitor papers, cable insulation papers, Bibile paper, restoration and conservation of historical documents, adhesive tape paper, lens tissue

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