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Press Release

There will be a static demonstration on Tuesday July the 8th on Exhibition Road,
South Kensington, London, close to the Science Museum. This eace!ul and good"
natured rotest#street ageant will start at $% &M, and is intended to mar' (orld
)isclosure )ay. (e wish to highlight the sixty"se*en year go*ernment co*er"u o!
the truth, that an extraterrestrial ci*ili+ation is engaging the human race. This co*er"
u has been achie*ed through the suression, engineered ridicule and disin!ormation
o! the ,-.#!lying saucer henomenon. (e demand that all the world/s go*ernments
immediately and comletely declassi!y all the in!ormation they ha*e o! ,-./s.
,-. )isclosure is necessary !or more than 0ust satis!ying our curiosity and ma'ing us
aware o! the nature o! the uni*erse. .ur world is heading !or catastrohe because o!
our use o! !ossil !uels. This is causing ollution, en*ironmental destruction, wars and
o*erty on a *ast scale. -lying saucers are dri*en by a highly sohisticated
owerlant and roulsion system that needs no !uel source and is *irtually in!inite in
its outut. 1t may be ossible to re*erse engineer this technology and use it !or the
betterment o! humanity and the Earth. 1t could well be that this wor' has been done
already, under a co*ert scienti!ic ro0ect, and the ,S 2o*ernment, and others, are
'eeing it secret, in which case it must be declassi!ied now3
See these websites for more detail:'#