MGT 487: Entrepreneurism and Small Business Management

Each student in the class is responsible for creating a written Business Plan. The
elements and content of the Business Plan are covered in Chapter 4 of the textbook.
So, please read this chapter carefully.

The process of writing the Business Plan begins with the Abstract that provides a brief
description (approximately 250 words) of the business idea or concept for a start-up
venture. The Abstract should highlight the main features of a product or service, the
user need or “problem” that is addressed, and the essentials of the market environment.
Once the Abstract is submitted and approved, students should begin the research
needed to develop and complete the Business according to the elements described in
the textbook.
 Cover Page
 Table of Contents
 Executive Summary (or Abstract)
 Company Information
 Environmental and Industry Analysis
 Product(s) or Service (s)
 Marketing research and Evaluation
 Manufacturing and Operations Plan
 Management Team
 Timeline
 Critical Risks and Assumptions
 Benefits to the Community
 Exit Strategy
 Financial Plan
 Appendix
A spreadsheet for financial projections template is provided if you wish to use it for
creating financial statements.

This research will necessarily encompass the functional areas such as accounting,
finance, economics, management and marketing. Ethical and international
considerations are also germane to the analysis for the Business Plan. The written
Business Plan represents the culmination of the material and information in the course.

 Reading Assignment: Hatten, Chapter 4
 Business Plan Abstract = 10 points
Due: Tuesday, April 9
 Business Plan = 80 points
Due: Tuesday, May 21

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