May 13,1995

Bibliomania V May 13,1995

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel & Barbara Fisher, Co-directors Thomas Perry, Administrative Assistant

This program is presented in collaboration with the New York Public Library Librarian: Chad Quartuccio

Grades 1-6, Participating Schools: IS 2, 7, 57,. 61, 72, 75; PS 1, 11, 16,32,52,54,57; Oakdale Academy, St. Ann's, St. joseph Hill Elementary, St. Patrick. School

Participating Teachers: Mr. Ashkar, Mr. Avin, Ms. Ilene Bauer, Ms. Josephine Capofarri, Miss Carroll, Mrs. Mary K. Cumming, Miss Eileen Esposito, Mrs. Gallo, Ms. Kathleen Grillo, Mrs. june Haley, Ms. Frances Kahn, Mrs. Lin, Sr. Rose Lynch, Mrs. Loretta McMillen, Mrs. Martucci, Mrs. judy Morreale, Ms. prances Patti, Mrs. Phalen, Mrs. Reilly, Mrs. Rosalie Savarese, Mrs. S. Stolowitz, Mrs. Diane Sussurna, Miss Susan Todd, Ms. Deborah Wallach, Mrs. Judy Wiedmann

With Support from the New York State Council on the Arts, Alternative High Schools & Programs and Con Edison.

© 1995 Ten Penny Players, Inc.

Danisa Kaiewe Kadcdjah Williams Justin Calhan

Kelsey Smith Michael Russo

Pat Morea

Peter Tomasino Danielle Fiorello Dean Caruvana Michael Sileo Lauren Forcsticre Christopher Inroccia Jacqueline Terrone Patrick Mcinerney Gabrielle Olya Catherine Venturella Ashley Tcaturn Frank Indelicato Jessica Allen Annclise Maloney Kristen Madison

J enni fer Lore

Dona Kiercn Cassidy Allison Giovinazzo Paul Ferrara

Elena Arena Alexandra Campus Erica Paramithis Alice Chan

John Weber Stephanie Collins Michael Dunigan



3 ~ Ro~ert Vallebuona 3 ~ Katie Flynn

3 ~ James Gardella

4 Michael Kline

4 m Dana Guariglia 4 M Brendan Quest 4 ti Ian Plissner


5 ~~ Robert Spiegelberg

5 if Jessica Pate

5 "1':1., Najlah Williams

6 Faizah Qadri

! .

6 ~ Jamie Cheng

7 ~l [aymc Tramutola


8 i Michelle Buffa

8 q Chris Mascali

9 ~i Matthew Savage


9 t Camille Magnavito

9 ~1 Tasha Daniels

1 0 ~l Vanessa Sci anti

!:~ .

1 Oij Michael Rudolph

1 0 t~ Nancy Tom

11 ~~ Catherine Burns 11 ~i Michael Loiacono

12 ~I: Thomas Smith

12 ,Thomas Cuccia


13 .j CI' p'

~ arrc ignatarc

13 I Jam~s McHale 14 ~i Marissa Weeman 1 5 ~ Ricki Serapiglia 15 ~ Scott Gerber

~~ i Debra Siegel


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ABOUT FOOD Danisa Kaietoe

Pepperoni is good for you, Why don't you have some too

Cookies caste good Because I made them

I wish! could bring them to bed!

Kadedjali TtVillimns

Grapes taste good Sweet

Healthy and mouthy!

[ like my favorite cake, Strawberry, purple, green, orange, I like my icing,

[ can keep it nicely,

I like friends for my 7th birthday to come and play

Justin Ccrnan

Food is good

And it castes good Apples arc best,

They're good, good, good.

Corn is yellow, lelia is purple

I like how they taste Carrots arc orange,

! like them too,


Kelsey Smith

Breakfast, the first meal of the day, Eat a good one is what I say

Bacon, eggs, cereal, pancakes and toast These are the foods I cat the most

So take the time in the morning to cat You'll feci good from your head to your feet.

Pat Morea


I'm so strong because [ eat sticks,

Carrot sticks, celery sticks, potato sticks, /\ nd best of all -- b read sticks.

lYlichael Russo

Meat balls arc fun to cat

They taste so good I'll have a feast, 1 cat them every Sunday

And 1 can't wait for leftovers on Monday The bigger they arc,

The better they taste,

I'll cat it all so it won't go to waste, Meatballs, meatballs, I love them so, Now it's time for me to go!

I LIKE Peter Tomasino


1 like candy, I like cake

I like anything my mom makes Some are sweet,

Some are not,

I just like to eat a lot.


Danielle Fiorello

Mr. Potato Head is oblong with glasses and a hat, I-Ie looks so strong

I like to poke him all around

I poke him up and I poke him down When I poke him and he frowns

It's time to cut him up and down

We make french fries or mash him up We use a little butter to dress him up, After he is cooked the way we like, We all sit down to have a bite

Well now it's time to make another This one is Mr. POtato Head's brother.

PIZZA Dean Caruuana

Pizza is my favorite food, With any shape or topping,

Dad makes the dough and Mom the sauce, Or else we go pizza shopping,

Pizza is a healthy treat,

And it is good to cat,

lid like to cat pizza every day,

It helps to keep my hunger away.

FUNNY FOOD Michael Sileo

Let's make a deal and have a great meal You don't have to worry or be in a hurry You can cat a rib without wearing a bib, Have gumball soup and gobblie goop Be a slob eating corn on a cob

So let's have some fun

and cat icc cream on a bun.


Lauren Fores ti ere

Eat a plum

Skip the gum Take a peach

To the beach. Grapes from a vine Are always fine.

Apples from a tree Taste so good to me.

Bananas, oranges; even a pear

Are all good fruits that we can share. Any time of the day

In March, April, June or May, In any season of the year Fruits are good,

Give them a cheer:

F -- R -- U -- 1-- T Fruits are good for you and me!

Christopher Tntoccia

Fish, fish, it's not made for me It's made for sharks in the sea When I eat it you may see

I don't like it

Do you agree?

I told you not to give it to me.

I would not could not eat this fish. It really really makes me sick.

When I have to eat it I am sad 'When it's all finished I am so glad So don't cook fish

It makes me mad.


DINNERTIME Jacqueline Terrane

It's 6 pm at my house, which means It's time to eat

I feel a funny tingle in my belly that Travels right down to my feet

My heart begins to race ...

And I'm sure it shows on my face.

I hope my Mom made my favorite food

If she didn't I know I'll bein such a bad mood

I hear her call us to take a scat My sense of smell tells mc She made some type of meat

Ummmm, roast beef, mashed potatoes, what's to follow ...

Oh no, I see something green, I just can't swallow

It doesn't matter if they're round and mushy Or stringy and long

My Mom insists vcggies make you healthy and strong

I will fight, I will cry and hope she will give in, but by the end of dinner, guess who will win?

It's my Mommy who loves me

and wants to sec me grow big and tall

I guess she really is the best Mom of all.



Patrick McInerney

Mmm! That smells good!

What is it? Food

Some is yummy

Some is gummy

Some is gooey and ucky.

My eyes see it!

My nose smells it!

My mouth tastes and chews it!

My stomach growls and swells for it!

Food is good. Food is bad.

Food makes me glad. Food makes me sad!

I like good stuff like pizza

and chicken MacN uggets.

I like healthy stuff like

Broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes

I like bad stuff like

candy, soda and gum,

that makes me fat

and my teeth rot!

But most of all

I love food!

FOODS I LIKE Gabrielle Olya


Ice cream and sweet tarts, Best of all candy hearts.

Hot dogs and french fries,

I wish they made up the skies.

Pizza and tacos,

they give a tingle to my nose.

Hamburgers and a lolly,

These are foods that make me jolly.


Catherine Venturella

They're good and healthy For you to eat

So go have an apple It's a real trcatlll

Red and green, Nice and sweet, Apples arc really Good to cat.

Cut them, bake them, Put thcm in a pic Delicious apples

My, oh my!

BROCCOLI Ashley Teatum

Broccoli, broccoli,

I love to cat broccoli Plain or with cheese Broiled or with gravy Any way, every day

I love to cat broccoli.

MY FAVORITE FRUIT Frank Indelicato

A red, green and yellow apple for my teacher. An orange and a peach for the preacher

a big yellow banana for my Nana

Green, yellow, and brown pear for the bear. Red, green and purple grapes for Mr. MazeIla, Because, he is a great fella!

My favorite fruit of all is the cantaloupe. Because it gives me so much hope. That my tummy is no longer hungry And it tastes so yummy!


APPLE PIE Jessica Allen

You gather some apples to put in the pie With sugar and spices that you can buy. You roll out the dough

Fit it snuggly in the glass plate

Add the ingredients, which will surely rate Place it in the oven,

and wait for it to bake

Eat it nice and hot

At home I will rake

All the pie I can make.


Annelise Maloney

I like tc eat french fries And apple and lemon pies I like to eat cupcakes

And cookies that my Mom bakes I like vanilla ice cream pops

And cherry flavor lollipops

But what I really like to eat

Are cheeseburgers - they can't be beat!



Kristen Madison


Junk food tastes really great,

And when you eat it you put on some weight Potato chips and chocolate cake,

Frosted cookies, you'll be counted as freight, But the junkiest junk food you've ever seen, My, it has to be ice cream!

And then your stomach begins to swell, Uh oh, I don't feel so well!

FOOD Jennifer Lore

Shakes and bakes

And little cu p cakes And all the things That mom makes With spices like flakes For goodness sakes

It all gave me a stomach ache!

ICE CREf\M Oona Kieren Cassidy

Icc cream is what I cat And to tell you the truth, It tastes quite neat

It's better than a chocolate bar

Chocolate bars now taste like car

It's better than my brussels sprouts Which were so dry I threw them right out Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate roo, And cookies and cream,

Good enough to scream,

Banana splits and much, much morc Chocolate syrup so pour, pour, pour, 13 ut too, too much can get you sick, Don't forget to have the last lick!


FOOD AND lVIE Allison Giovinazzo

Food, food everywhere I look, Food, food no bite I took Although I know it's good for me, I'd rather sit and watch TV.

Manga manga, eat, eat, That is all I hear,

"Take another bite my dear," Take another bite I fear.

My clothes have spots Thick as polka dots,

I got them when I ate I-lot Pizza!

Of all the people in the world, Why me? Why me? Why me?

Why is it that people love to cat in my family? I looked, my plate is piled up high,

Bur wait the dog is coming by,

I puc my plate under my chair,

And sure enough the dog was there My plate was empty as could be, Then Mom turned and looked at me. She said, "Want more? You liked it so." I thanked her and quickly said, "No!"




, '

There's a strange new dye On my favorite tic

I got it when I ate

Hot Pizza!

There's a glob of glue On my new suede shoe - I got it when I ate

Hot Pizza!


Each time that I eat it

I am dropping mozzarella And I know that I had enough Hot Pizza!


One Thanksgiving day

I yelled, "Hip hip hooray!"

Let's not have dinner the old way Let's put out carrots and peas Some stuffing if you please

We'll have a vegetarian dinner This will keep us slimmer

Our lovely turkey can be there Siuing in the big chair

A plate set tor his place

Ilc can stuff his little face

So Tom Turkey sat by me and said ,"Gobble, gobble gooe\!" And celebrated Thanksgiving just like any turkey should We arc the only family I can safely say

Whose main course for dinner ate dinner with them that day!

j>, I-Z-Z-i-\ Alexandra Campus

I thought about it for quire awhile,

I thought about it and it made me smile. I rail to the phone und began ro dial,

I JUSt hac! to have a slice!

I waited patiently by the door. Eager to hear the knock before ... The truck even had left the store. Maybe, I should order twice!

The minutes seemed to go on forever.

J never waited this long - NOT EVER!

I hoped the cheese was not stuck together. That just wouldn't be nice.


Finally, the truck pulled in front of the house, I scurried to the door as quick as a mouse, The door knob even got caught on my blouse, Who cared, it was worth the price!

At last the pizza ... my favorite food. All was well, I was in a great mood.

Didn't even want to share it,l know, that was rude. My manners would have to suffice.

I began to cat to my heart's content.

Not caring about nutrition or where the calories went.

Then, my mom said [ hall to give up PIZZA for I.EN'!:

And that ... she really meant!

MY \VORST lVIEAL EVER Erica Paramithis


[\'[y worst meal ever was liver and beans, I took one bite

And screamed with fright, And it spit all over my jeans,

But that's not all That 1 recall,

[ once had eel Along side of veal

Now that was my very worst meal.



One day in the morning 1 are

The worst breakfast a person ever ate.

'The wast was burned, And the milk was sour, It was so bad,

The clock slowed clown an hour

The waffles had too much sugar, The eggs were rotten,

Calise Dad had forgone n

And left the eggs by the heater ycsrcrdav!

John vVeber

Apple, pies, peanuts and cake,

We have to cat whatever we make \Vc cook and cook all dnv lonu,

We cat our vcggics to make us strong We love to cat three meals a day

So we can keep the doctor away.

Stepluinie Collins

Ta kc you r ti me do it neat rule #1 never cat on the go Grease and fat, it aim all that

Try it lean, keep your system clean 3 meals a clay is what they say

More than that, you're gonna get fat

You arc what you eat, so keep your men u fat free and neat


Robert Vallebuona

MY BABY RUTI-I Michael Dunigan

If I could cat a candy bar,

I'd choose a Baby Ruth by far, Stuffed with nuts and caramel,

And covered with chocolate gives a tasty smell, Whcn I bite into one I'm filled with joy,

And instantly turn into a happy boy.

Snickers and M& M's can't compete,

With my Baby Ruth as a delicious treat:

Helping in the kitchen can sure be lots or fun

You chop things and stir them up until the cooking's done !\'fy dad can make all sorts of things that we kids like to cat And knowing that I helped him, makes it more of a treat We make a mess and usc ten spoons

And sometimes spill the cream

But you can always count on Mom

'10 take one look and scream.

ODE TO BREAKF f\ST Katie Flynn

Green little trees, chat's how it looks, With melted cheese after it cooks, Mixed with macaroni, garlic and oil Save it for later, just wrap it in foil,

I can't wait til toruorrow, hope it doesn't spoil Now it's on my dish,

My sweet broccoli wish,

All steamy and hot

I think I'll cat a lot.


James Gardella

Holy moley! It's ravioli!

My favorite thing to cat

They're not sour, they're not sweet Round or square, they can't be beat!

POPCORN lJ!J ichael Kline

Popcorn is a nice treat

Quick and easy and run to car

Yellow, white or maybe cheese, when you serve it, it will please.

Fill a bowl and Jig right in Now the crunching; will begin.

The bowl was filled right to the top But, I ate it all - I'll have to stop!

T f\COS Dana Guariglia

Tacos arc really fun to cat They are a tasty, crunchy treat

You start with a shell made from corn, Then fill it with meat and lettuce

that is torn

Puc on tomatoes, olives and cheese, Onions, salsa and hot peppers that make you sneeze

Your taco looks like a delicious delight Sit right down and enjoy every bite!




Of all the things that grow from the ground, The most wicked things that I have found, Are lima beans and brussels sprouts,

They cause my eyes to roll about.

And sometimes on my dinner plate,

I have to eat something that I hate,

Lentil soup and spinach pie,

Often bring tears co my eyes.

But, the worst thing of all,

Even when my dog I call,

To offer him my nasty snack,

I-Ie takes a sniff and then falls back.

Sliced potatoes, chopped meat, a little pepper Lars of garlic powder and seasoned salt

Wrap it in aluminum foil and cook it

In a very hot, outdoor fire for a few minutes Unwrap and it's a delicious meal!

FISI-I Robert Spiegelberg


The ocean is home

For some real good food And for a one pound lobster I'm always in the mood

As dinner approaches

And mom brings me my dish There's nothing more beautiful Than a broiled or baked fish

I love my fish

From the deep blue sea

A fried filet and I'm full of glee

and when I go fishing

And come home with an empty pail There's always my mom ready With some shrimp cocktail!

AT TI-IE DINER Jessica Pate

They have food like beans, And disgusting sardines, All kinds of fish,

That make your tongue twitch.

Bowls of soup called split pea,

Please don't you ever give that to me! I fyou choose to cat their veal

You can hear your inside's squeal.

Flies in my fries, Burgers full of fat,

I was hoping to have Something better than that.

The worst food has to be served at the diner,

I can't help complaining and being such a whiner.


Najlali vVilliams

I like an apple

But an apple docs not like me Because when I bite an apple It gets stuck in my teeth

I like a pizza

But a pizza docs not like me Because the cheese on a pizza Gets stuck on me

I like a boy

nut the boy does not like me Because I am stuck on him But he is not stuck on me



Sweet potato, sweet potato You are the sweetest

Put you on the heat

And you are soft

When I eat you

You are so hot

That you burn my fingers Sweet potato, sweet potato.


Pizza and hamburgers are delicious, Although they are not very nutritious,

Have some broccoli, cabbage, a carrot or two, Take some more! They're good for you!

Add some cauliflower, apples, and fish,

Ilow about spinach? You'll have a healthy dish. Celery, bananas, and some potatoes,

Are good with kiwi and tomatoes.

Beans, oranges, mushrooms, and more,

Arc probably hidden behind your fridge door.


Jayme Tramutola

Food was mush when I was a baby,

What did I know, I liked it (maybe),

Strained carrots, peas and juice from apples, Nutritious of course, but I'd rather drink Snapple, It's all different now, my taste has changed so much, Burgers, sandwiches or pizza for lunch,

The food pyramid tells us which foods to eat,

With all the combinations there is so little to repeat,

Five food groups, there are bread, fruit, meat, vegetable, dairy, As you can see, none includes candy,

Ifwe follow these rules, and don't include sweets, 20 We'll stay fit for life and enjoy healthy treats.

~ ODE TO TOAST Michelle Buffa

To my dear little toast:

I love you the most, Especially with some butter I cat you with ham,

I cat you with lamb,

You make my heart go a nutter.

Some people like a roast, But I prefer toast

In school, at home, or at play It's brown and delicious

And possibly nutritious

I can cat it every day.

PRETZELS Chris Mascali

Long lines of dough, 1\\1 rolled out in a row.

Turned in and out And all about.

The motion's in the wrist, I t on Iy takes a twist.

t\ single knot - A double bowA dash of salt - And off they go.

Baked golden, brown and crunchy, They truly are the best.

Those good old fashioned pretzels, They're better than all the rest.



Matthew Savage

It's a box shaped polar bear, Its breath is cold

It turns water into ice, It fights off mold

Its skin is white, just like snow.

I t's big and friendly, I'm sure you know .. It holds good things to eat and drink, .f It lives next to the kitchen sink,

And when I'm hungry,

I t's where I go!!


Cam ille fJll agnauito

I woke up one night and what did [ sec, Baked apples galore smiling at me.

These crisp warm baked apples all sugary and sweet, Are just right for me to munch up and eat!

I woke up the next morning and what did I sec, nut mom, dad and my brother frowning at me.

My mom just said, IIWhy," and my dad couldn't speak, And what did I have to do, but bake apples all week!


PIZZA, PIZZA Tasha Daniels

Take a large piece of dough, Shape it into a triangle,

Put red juicy tomato sauce on the dough From the top down to its toe.

Cover the sauce with sprinkles of cheese That will make you sneeze.

Top it off with your favorite topping, To surely keep it hopping.

Put it in the oven to bake up nice and hot,

All the cheese and toppings melted on the top.

EVERYONE 1-11-\S A FAVORITE Vanessa Scionti

Dogs love kibble Birds (ave seeds Cats love fish Snakes love weeds

Spiders like flies Deer like grass Chimps like bananas Goats like trash

Horses love apples Fairies love dew

I love french fries What about you?


MY PIZZA JJIJ ichael Rudolph

Pizza is my favorite food, When I don't cat it I get rude,

I like the way it looks and tastes, But not when sauee gets on my face, I like the cheese, hot and stringy

No pepperoni, it makes it too zingy I dip the erust in my drink,

No matter what my parents think Take my advice and cat it too, Because it's really good for you!


I smell the aroma Of a juiey steak, The steam rising,

It kept me wide awake. As my teeth sank into A lean piece of meat

I tasted the flavor,

And felt the heat.

But don't forget

The hot, thick. gravy, almost everyone loves it, Even people in the Navy. It's so tasty

To let a steak drown In steaming gravy,

Covering the meal that's golden brown


PIZZA Catherine Burns

pizza - loved by all

Fat and thin - short and tall Gooey cheese

Crunchy crust

Pepperon i - chat's a must Spicy sauce

Luscious smell

The treat-

That always rings a bell If you're up

Or if you're down It's heaven" Scoffing pizza down

\VATERMELON Michael Loiacono

When I chink of summer days, One fruit comes to mind, Juicy red watermelon

Black pits and green rind.

No hot slimmer day could ever be complete,

Without watermelon so cold, Juicy and sweet


ODE TO AFRY Thomas Smith

Oh the fry, the lowly fry, long and skinny and neat, Brown and crispy with a little salt, what a delight to cat.

It starts way down deep underground, a spud is what it's called. Dug up and peeled, cut thin and long and fried so deep in oil.

No, it's not a gourmet treat or culinary delight.

But I would never put one off or turn away a bite. There they lie invitingly, about two inches high. They smile at me enticingly and say, "Give me a try."

I lie in bed and dream at night of how my fries will taste.

The smell, bouquet, the golden color each fry in its own place. The steam arises, a wisp of their odor floating in the air.

It carries with it the aroma of a treat so fine and fair.

All other food that touch my palate pale in comparison. I would even turn away that stuff called filet mignon.

Give mc my fries, my golden brown fries, take all other food away. Let me alone with my wonderful fries and come back another day.


ICE CREAM Thomas Cuccia

Vcgemb[es and vitamins

Make healthy hair and healthy skin But give me a scoop of chocolate icc Cream 1111 be happy in my dreams

My mamma says: make sure you cat Your carrots and a piece of meat

And don't forget to take some beans No, thank you Mom. 111\ cat: iee cream

With chocolate syrup or maybe plain [ love my icc cream JUSt the same

I hope that: 11m not being rude

But icc cream is my favorite food

Vanilla, chocolate or rocky road

Goes great on top 01" pic a [a mode And II m a very happy fcllu

With my big fat bowl of cherry vanilla


Claire Pignataro

My ['adler used a pizza

'[0 teach my brother math Eight slices make a whole pour slices - a half

He reduced it into quarters And then tried eighths

Explaining the higher the bottom number The smaller the piece you could cake

Dad said "Son, now you know fractions." My brother looked puzzled and answered IINo matter how YOLl slice it,

It is still pizza to me!

Can we cat now?"


FISI-I James /'vI elf ale

My mother makes fish She puts it in my dish I don't like the smell

When she rings the dinner bell I don't like the taste

And it all goes to waste

So cat fish if you wish

But don't put it on my dish!

SMORES Murissa lVeeJllan

Chocolate is the food that I love the best, Much, much better than all the rest.

To snack on at a movie,

Or cat for dessert,

If you take it away,

I'll feed you some dirt!

Marshmallows, marshmallows 1\11 mushy and white-

Marshmallows arc a camper's delight. I f there's only one left,

I'll put up a fight

Just to get one more marshmallow tonight.


Graham crackers make this snack complete, Wholesome, delicious, a wonderful treat!

Just mix these together and turn on the heat - You'll get a snack that's the greatest,

It can't be beat,

Smores, they're the best - I'm ready to cat!



Ricki Serapiglia

I love pizza any way with lots of cheese It's the way I crave Topped with broccoli Or some red peppers That's like heaven At least to me!

Sausage has a spicy taste Pepperoni I would not waste Meatballs really make me drool On top of the sauce

It's really cool

Please put lots of clams on top

Add some spices, don't make it drop Fry some eggplant for my pie Smothered in sauce so 1 can try

[ could cat it morning, noon and night

all covered with mushrooms would be ALRIGHT Keep it coming, don't delay





Sizzled, fried, baked or stirred I slur at brussels sprouts

They feel like wet, brown mud, but they are green and they make me pop my spleen. They taste like grass and smell like trash.

If you drop one you will hear a crash,

I f you eat one you will hear your teeth crack, Either way stay away from brussels

Sprouts. They are hot, gooey, and sickening So I say Ew!!! What are you?

Are you an alien brain or a

Dinosaur dropping? Or maybe you are a dragon eye Cut offby a knight of spy.

Or maybe you're a lava

Rock formed two thousand years ago, But worst of all I must eat you all,

So I forbid you to calk at all.

Good-bye! Gulp! BJalt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There you are again!



A single plant grows in the ground, Separate and alone.

The ground on which it lies, Is undernou rishcd and dense.

But on this plant, are the most lovely, And succulent strawberries.

Cool, crisp and fully ripened.

You remove one and take a bite, "Crunch", so delicious and sweet.

Its juicc dribbles down your chin, But you don't bother to wipe it away.

It has a bright red color with a small green stem; Like a Christmas present in ] une.

You bring the strawberry inside

And dip it into a bowl of pure sugarcane.

It's taste is indescribable and its smell is hypnotic You wish Spring could last forever ..



a waterways project publicatior;

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