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(WashlngLon, uC - !une 30, 2014) A compensaLlon program Lo pay auLomoblle accldenL
vlcLlms kllled or physlcally ln[ured as a resulL of defecLlve CM lgnlLlon swlLches ln cerLaln CM
auLomoblles was announced Loday by kenneLh 8. lelnberg, AdmlnlsLraLor of Lhe CM lgnlLlon
CompensaLlon Clalms 8esoluLlon laclllLy (ºLhe Þrogram"). AL a Þress Conference held aL Lhe
naLlonal Þress Club ln WashlngLon, uC, Mr. lelnberg explalned Lhe mosL lmporLanL feaLures of
Lhe CompensaLlon Þrogram:

• 1he Þrogram ls purely volunLary, no lndlvldual ls requlred Lo parLlclpaLe ln Lhe
Þrogram. Cnly lf Lhe lndlvldual ls saLlsfled wlLh Lhe compensaLlon provlded, does
he/she agree Lo walve Lhelr rlghLs Lo llLlgaLe agalnsL CM.

• Mr. lelnberg reLalns compleLe and sole dlscreLlon over all compensaLlon awards Lo
ellglble vlcLlms, lncludlng ellglblllLy Lo parLlclpaLe ln Lhe Þrogram and Lhe amounLs
awarded. 8y agreemenL, CM cannoL re[ecL Lhe AdmlnlsLraLor's flnal deLermlnaLlons as
Lo ellglblllLy and amounL of compensaLlon.

• 1he Þrogram has no aggregaLe cap, CM has agreed Lo pay whaLever Lhe AdmlnlsLraLor
deems approprlaLe ln each and every lndlvldual case.

• lndlvlduals who prevlously seLLled Lhelr clalms wlLh CM before knowlng of Lhe lgnlLlon
swlLch defecL wlll be permlLLed Lo enLer Lhe Þrogram and may recelve addlLlonal

• ConLrlbuLory negllgence aLLrlbuLed Lo Lhe drlver of Lhe vehlcle e.g. lnLoxlcaLlon,
speedlng, eLc. ls lrrelevanL, Lhe new Þrogram wlll noL examlne or evaluaLe any such
conLrlbuLory negllgence.

• ClalmanLs flllng a clalm wlLh Lhe AdmlnlsLraLor wlll be requlred Lo prove LhaL Lhe
lgnlLlon swlLch defecL ln an ºellglble vehlcle," as deflned ln Lhe Þrogram, was Lhe
ºproxlmaLe cause" of Lhe deaLh or physlcal ln[ury ln Lhe accldenL.

• 1he Þrogram wlll recognlze Lhree dlfferenL caLegorles of ellglble clalms: lndlvldual
ueaLh Clalms, lndlvldual Clalms lnvolvlng Lhe mosL serlous physlcal ln[urles (e.g.
quadrlpleglc and parapleglc ln[urles, permanenL braln damage, eLc.) and less serlous
physlcal ln[urles lnvolvlng hosplLallzaLlon or, ln llmlLed clrcumsLances, lmmedlaLe
ouLpaLlenL medlcal LreaLmenL.

• Lllglble clalms wlll be pald wlLhln 90-180 days from Lhe Llme LhaL a submlLLed clalm ls
deemed ºsubsLanLlally compleLe" by Lhe AdmlnlsLraLor.

• 1he Þrogram wlll begln recelvlng clalms on AugusL 1, 2014 and all clalms submlLLed Lo
Lhe AdmlnlsLraLor musL be posLmarked no laLer Lhan uecember 31, 2014.

uurlng Lhe press conference Mr. lelnberg sLaLed: º1hls Þrogram ls deslgned Lo provlde
swlfL compensaLlon Lo ellglble vlcLlms of lgnlLlon swlLch defecLs ln cerLaln CM vehlcles. We
wlll work closely wlLh all lndlvldual clalmanLs and Lhelr lawyers ln evaluaLlng lndlvldual clalms
and reachlng a deLermlnaLlon as Lo ellglblllLy and value as soon as posslble."

Mr. lelnberg added: ºWe have beneflLLed greaLly ln Lhe deslgn of Lhls Þrogram from
Lhe lnpuL and consLrucLlve advlce recelved from lawyers represenLlng clalmanLs, non-proflL
publlc lnLeresL groups and CM lLself. We are graLeful for Lhe cooperaLlon we recelved. We
have also relled upon cerLaln prevlous compensaLlon programs, such as Lhe SepLember 11
vlcLlm CompensaLlon lund and Cne lund 8osLon, ln developlng Lhls CompensaLlon Þrogram."

A copy of Lhe ÞroLocol can be found aL: www.CMlgnlLlonCompensaLlon.com


For media inquiries, contact Amy Weiss, Amy@WeissPublicAffairs.com

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