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JUNE 30, 2014
A detailed coaching plan has been developed
for Mr. Johnathan Dickerson, 9
grade teacher
at Kelsey High School.
Mr. Dickersons skills and behaviors will be
reviewed to understand what needs to be
Awareness of expectations and goal setting
will be reviewed to help set realistic goals and
Progress of the coaching plan will be clearly
detailed with feedback and a clear end goal
and time is established.
Mr. Dickerson Attributes
Class activity is very high
Students enjoy his courses
Engages students with
experiments and group
Clear lesson plans have
been established in much
Enjoys teaching science
and wants to teach others

Not an expert in any one
filed of science
Does not encourage
homework or studying
Does not follow the
Competency Plan Kelsey
High School has
May need direction on how
to give student instruction
Pros Cons
In order to create awareness with Mr. Dickerson active listening will
take place. Mr. Dickerson is an experienced teacher so we do not
want to discourage what he has to offer and the great instructional
skills he does have.
The mentoring relationship with start with a sit down session where
the coach and mentor will get to know one another and then each
will be able to speak on what they see as goals and objectives that
need to be addressed during this mentoring plan.
The mentor will first address what the schools objectives are and
then ask open ended questions to gain feedback from the mentee
and establish trust. Complimenting what the instructor does well
here will also help to build rapport.
Once the mentor has established rapport with Mr. Dickerson the
objectives and Goals of the Coaching Plan will be addresses with
input from the Mr. Dickerson.
Objectives and Goals
Align lesson plans with
the objectives for each 9
week session set forth
by the school district.
More detailed focus on
specific subjects in
classes so students
learn more.
Establish a new lesson
plan that incorporates
other skills for students
to build on.

Mr. Dickerson will have
established a clear
understanding of what the
schools expectations are
for each 9 weeks and he
has developed lesson
plans accordingly.
Mr. Dickerson will have
advanced his knowledge in
his given subjects.
Objectives and Goals Expected Results
Action Plan
Coaching plan is going to occur every week over a 10 week period.
The mentor and mentee will meet to establish the goals and objectives to come
out of the coaching experience (seen on previous slide).
During the first week the teachers will come together to review the material the
instructor was going to use and then evaluating to make changes to the lesson
plans so they align with the schools objectives. The mentor will show the
instructor examples of others teaching strategies and also have the mentor
come and watch the instructor teach as to make their own observations and
learn new ways to incorporate different material.
After observation of the mentor the mentor will observe the mentee. They will
then come together and the mentor will ask open-ended questions to Mr.
Dickerson about the observation.
The mentor will give positive and constructive feedback to Mr. Dickerson on
ways to update his teaching to align with the schools objectives.
After feedback the mentee will focus on a specific skill to work on for the
following week such as establishing a new teaching method into his classroom
like group presentations, or a critical thinking homework assignment.
Each week they will meet and discuss the outcome of the week and change
and adapt where needed until the sessions have come to an end.
Monitoring Progress
Once clear expectations of the mentoring sessions
have been made the coach will focus on continually
going back to the goals so the focus is not lost.
As Mr. Dickerson progresses through the established
goals the mentor will provide positive feedback on
what is working well for him.
A letter to the administrator regarding his progress will
be sent to the Principle to show the positive work that
Mr. Dickerson is doing.
When one of the objectives is not met the coach will
provide appropriate feedback in face-to-face
interactions to avoid lack of understanding so
feedback and questions can happen immediately.

After the 10
week of coaching a complete
assessment portfolio will have been established for
the mentee.
The portfolio will include notes from each session
which include collaborative discussion on the goals
and objectives.
A progress chart showing Mr. Dickerson the skills he
has developed along with the skills the students are
now able to develop through the change.
Page of positive progress to note Mr. Dickersons
great work.
The sessions will only continue if the goals were not
met. If they are net met in the 10 week time then they
will meet every 2 weeks for the second semester with
more focused detail on the things that need to me
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