How to use

Function introduction
The tool is for testing different fonts,which will send some data to test whether the font is
fully loaded.Different versions have different fonts.Pls check K1.0.1 test as below
Using method
!t is connected the tablet with "rinter via #$% line.!t will show notification &!s it allowed to
do '''()Pls choose &!t will be always allowed).Then it will send test data automatically if the
software connects with the "rinter successfully.*nd "ls "ull out #$% line. Then change another
"rinter, and "lug in.The test data will be sent again.*nd it will be like this all the time.
Questions and answers
!f there is no notification to be shown when "rinter connects with tablet,which means your
tablet doesn+t detect #$% device.,ne of the "ossible reason is your tablet doesnt turn on #$%
device access right.Then you need turn it on.Pls check &How to turn on #$% device access right)
for your reference.

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