List of HRM Topics 1. Organizational studies - an overview 2.

Organizational development • Collaborative method • Management development Ø Mentoring Ø Coaching Ø Job rotation Ø Professional development Ø Upward feedback Ø Executive education Ø Supervisory training • Leadership development Ø Leadership Ø Talent identification and management Ø Individual development planning Ø 360-degree feedback Ø Succession planning • Skills management • Performance improvement • Process improvement • Job enrichment • Training & Development • Un-organization 3. Managing change and also change management • Resistance to change 4. Quality 5. Employment 6. Labour (economics) 7. Wage • Executive compensation 8. Meetings • Facilitation • Facilitator • Robert's Rules of Order • Meeting system Ø Open-space meeting Ø Open space conference • Awayday 9. Organizational learning 10.Hawthorne studies 11.Human Relations Movement 12.Organizational behavior

13.Organizational commitment 14.Employee research 15.Bureaucracy 16.Adhocracy 17.Fraud deterrence 18.Human resources • Human Resource Management Systems 19.Consensus decision making 20.Group dynamics 21.Group think • Abilene paradox 22.Cross-functional team • Team building • Team management 23.Span of control 24.Theory X and theory Y 25.Organizational culture 26.Industrial and organizational psychology 27.Communications management 28.Time management 29.Management effectiveness • Performance appraisal • Micro-management • Bad boss • Bad apple teammates 30.Labor relations • Labor law • Arbitration • Sexual harassment • Office romance • Right-to-work laws • List of employer associations • List of labor unions • List of strikes • Workplace conflict 31.The lighter side of HR • Parkinson's law • Peter principle • The Dilbert Principle

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