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Spring, Year 1 [ESPRING1]

1st Spring
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Season's Goals:
* Buy a chicken
* Upgrade rucksack to medium size
* Get 3 Power Berries and the Mystic Berry
* Upgrade axe to Copper
* Upgrade hammer to Silver
* Upgrade watering can to Gold
* Save 16,200G for Pineapple Seeds and Pink Cat Seeds
Daily Chores (best done in the order shown):
* Take care of animals
* Tend to chickens
* Harvest and sell ripened crops
* Forage (mine for 10G bonuses, sell the Bamboo Shoots and Blue Grass, chop
down stumps once the axe is upgraded)
* Water the crops
* Clear the farm up
Season's Profits: ~50,000G
Spring 2
Refuse the tour. Go to the mine ASAP and start digging up 10G bonuses.
Get your money up to 2000G, and buy 4 bags of Cabbage Seeds. Plant them,
then head for bed.
Spring 3
A normal day. Perform the daily chores, then go to bed. Get at least 10
more bags of Cabbage planted by the 14th. Before this, though, use your
mining profits to buy a chicken. You should also get the copper axe
upgrade before the 16th. Get the Power Berry from the mine, and the Power
Berry from the tree on Mother Hill as soon as you can. Be sure to get the
Fishing Rod from Greg ASAP, too. If you have all of this done and you find
yourself with the cash available, buy a package of turnips and plant them.
Spring 16
Your first harvest of Cabbage is in. Sell them all, then buy the medium
rucksack come the next day. Buy one package of Turnips (if you haven't
already) and one package of Cucumbers, and plant them both. If you already
planted the Turnips, donate 5 of them to the Waterfall Goddess for a Power
Berry once they're ripe.
Spring 22
If you bought your Turnip seeds later, this is the day to dedicate your
Turnips to the Waterfall Goddess for a Power Berry. Try to get the hammer
upgraded soon. You should also get the Mystic Berry as soon as your
Cucumbers are ripe.
Spring 29
Do your watering early today, and give your watering can to Saibara to
upgrade to gold. Otherwise, normal day.
Spring 30
The last day of the season. If you have more than 16,200G on hand, feel
free to buy some extra seeds for next year, and/or upgrade the chicken coop
ahead of time. Buy 16 bags of Pineapple Seeds and 1 bag of Pink Cat Seeds
from Won for next season.