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Summer, Year 1 [ESUMMER1]

1st Summer
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Season's Goals:
* Start the honey tree
* Get 1 Power Berry
* Upgrade the chicken coop
* Upgrade your house
* Buy some cooking utensils
* Upgrade axe to Mystrile
* Buy the Basket
* Buy the Large Rucksack
* Buy 10 cows
* Upgrade the barn
* Save 5,000G for Sweet Potato seeds
Daily Chores:
* Take care of the animals
* Tend to the cows
* Tend to the chickens
* Harvest and sell ripened crops
* Forage (grab and sell (or store) the Red Grass, mine, chop down stumps)
* Water the crops
* Harvest grass that's ready
Season's Profits: ~120,000G
Summer 1
Try to win the Opening Day swimming contest. A turbo controller can
assure you victory. The reward (a Power Berry) is critical.
Summer 2
Plant your seeds (9-square plots from now on), go get your watering can,
and water them all. You won't be able to forage as much today as you can
normally anyway.
Summer 7
Take your original hen and win the Sumo Chicken Festival. Upgrade the
chicken coop as soon as your mining makes money available for it.
Summer 22
First pineapple harvest is today. Tomorrow (if you haven't already), have
Gotz come and upgrade your house, have Saibara upgrade your axe, buy the
Basket and Large Rucksack, and buy as many cows as you can. Be sure to get
at least one bag of grass per cow, and plant the grass.
Summer 28
Second pineapple harvest is today. Profits should go into buying more
cows, and the barn upgrade. The rest of the season is unprofitable, so be
sure you have 5,000G saved up for Fall. Feel free to buy seeds for next
year, if you have the money available.