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Published by: PJ Stuart on Nov 27, 2009
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The unexpected sound of breaking glass caused her heart to race and her body to become weak with fear. She looked at her favorite coffee mug as it lay in pieces on the kitchen floor and quietly cursed under her breath. Since the day it became evident that the calls she’d been receiving were far more serious than she first believed; Kelly James had found herself slowly sinking into the role of a frightened, helpless victim; a role that was very unfamiliar. Kelly was used to being the strong, confident woman in the room; a passionate advocate for those who found themselves victims of crime. She had certainly never been the type to jump at the sight of her own shadow nor the sound of a glass mug hitting the tile floor. She did not know what made her angrier; her dramatic change in demeanor, no doubt a result of the man who stalked her. Or was her anger caused by the stalker himself, whoever he may be, making her life a living hell with his seemingly unending desire to harass her; regardless of her consistent demands she had no interest in his pathetic overtures? Most likely both facts contributed to her wrath, her fear and her need to constantly be on alert; just in case today was the day he presented himself in person. He often promised that they would meet soon and that was a distressing thought. Kelly was shocked when she realized she had endured his insane behavior for six months. The menace was exhausting, especially because Kelly believed him capable of every single threat. Looking back, Kelly did not inform the police when the initial calls began; she was far more annoyed then afraid. When the calls changed from annoying hang-ups to something more sinister, she knew she needed police intervention. They had put a trace on her line hoping to find the man using the phone to threaten her; but the trace turned out to be of no help. Her caller was using pre-paid cell phones that the police referred to as ‘burn phones’. They were untraceable to the owner and easily disposed of and replaced. Kelly’s stalker was well versed in the ways of terrorizing his victims leading law enforcement to believe this was not the first time he had used the phone lines to harass a woman on whom he was fixated. The police reassured Kelly, if he was escalating in his attempt to contact her, he would become careless and make a mistake. With patience and a plan, they would catch him when he slipped up and left evidence they could follow. Of course, the police never mentioned what kind of mistakes would lead to his arrest. Kelly James was acutely aware of the type of mistakes they meant and it brought no comfort. Unfortunately, with no solid leads to follow it would become a waiting game. Kelly wondered if there was an end in sight; at least an end that did not include her stalker getting too close to her, hurting her, even taking her life. The police were providing protection that, for Kelly, caused a moral dilemma. Protection such as she was receiving was not offered to the average woman pursued by an obsessed pervert. The Saint Petersburg Police Department did not

have the manpower to protect every woman caught in the same situation as Kelly. The numbers of complaints were staggering. The only reason Kelly was receiving police attention at all was because she was the daughter of the SPPD Chief of Police. At first Kelly was outraged to find that any other woman in her position had little recourse. All the average woman could do is ask the Court for restraining order against the man who was stalking her and that was only possible if she knew his identity. The police could only intervene if the woman was injured or if he breached the order of protection. Kelly remembered her outrage turning to gratitude when her unknown stalker became bolder, sending gifts and cards along with the threatening calls. He was clever and still had not left a single trace of who he was or how he managed to send items through the mail without leaving anything for the police to use to track him down. The situation she found herself in was as frightening as any she had known. Her heart went out to other women facing the same type of harassment alone and knowing full well her stalker would have to do something drastic for justice to be served. In Kelly’s mind that was not justice at all. The first time her caller spoke to her, there was no doubt she was dealing with a violent predator. The sound of his voice was intimidating, but the words he used when she upset him; that was proof to Kelly that he would be as happy hurting her physically as he would continuing this horrific game of cat and mouse. The memory of their first conversation still brought the chill of ice cold fear when she replayed it in her mind. “Hey sweetie, what are you wearing?” Her stalker whispered in what Kelly thought was his attempt to sound sexy. At first she laughed at him and learned quickly that was a mistake. He turned from his attempt to be inviting to threatening the moment he heard her laughter. “You won’t look so pretty with your face covered with scars, will you Kelly? I’ll take my time and make sure the knife cuts deep enough to leave you permanently disfigured. Have you ever had your face sliced open, Kelly? It hurts like no other cut. When they stitch you up you’ll look like a monster from a child’s worse nightmare. I might do that anyway, whether you laugh at me again or not. The thought of cutting you is making me hard. If I were you, I would never laugh at me again. Maybe then I’ll spare you from the blade of my knife. Don’t ever laugh at me again, do you understand?” She hung up immediately, stunned and trembling .The realization that the calls were no harmless prank made her physically ill. She found herself wondering; why her? Why did he pick her? Had she done something to provoke this guy? She called her father right away and in minutes her little beach front bungalow was crawling with cops. Her father demanded she leave at once and stay with a friend or her mother, but Kelly was firm. “Dad, if he is following me I’ll only lead him to other potential victims. I refuse to put someone else in harm’s way; especially Mom. Oh my God, what if he hurt Mom?”

“Then you’ll stay with me.” Her Dad, Chief Carlton James, said stating every word he spoke as an order and she was one of his underlings. “No.” Kelly replied. “I won’t let this creep chase me from my home. These are just nasty phone calls, Dad. I’ll be fine. I’ll turn on the alarm and even keep the gun you gave me next to me at all times.” Chief James was not pleased, Kelly noted. He wore a familiar expression she recognized from childhood when she disobeyed or disappointed him in some way. Disappointing him was easy to do when she was a child. She believed her father had come to accept his only child’s personality; it was so similar to his own. It was hard to handle at times. Father and daughter butted heads over many issues, but he told her once she looked so much like her Mother, he would forgive her anything. Kelly knew that there were times it hurt her Dad to look at her; he missed his wife so desperately. He had no one to blame but himself and he knew it; that was what hurt him the most, that he so callously threw his marriage away. Kelly’s mother had filed for divorce a year ago after he was caught having a fling with an ADA from the District Attorney’s Office. It was a stupid thing to do and Chief James had begged his wife for her forgiveness. He still loved her after thirty years of marriage, but he had crossed the line and there was no way back, not from infidelity; he knew that was one of the few things Sara James could not forgive. He lost the love of his life over a few months with someone he never loved. Kelly felt her heart soften toward her dad. He had lost his wife and Kelly knew there was no way he could handle losing his only child as well. She relented at his next insistence. “Then, I’m posting a cruiser outside every night; is that understood?” “Yea, Daddy, it’s understood.” Kelly almost smiled at the look of surprise on his face when she agreed. Honestly, the caller had scared her to death. There was something in his voice that let her know he would have no qualms slashing her face. Having a police guard outside would be a relief. “Thank you.” After a brief embrace, Chief James began to bark orders once more, “Callahan, you take tonight’s shift, work out a schedule tomorrow. The rest of you, get the line trace set up. Jackson and Kolchak, you two check the perimeter of the house. Check to make sure all the windows have working locks and the doors are secure. Moreland, I want you to spend some time with my daughter. If this guy is stalking her, she’s probably seen him. I want her schedule for the next three weeks written down and follow up with every client she’s had in the past 90 days. Where the hell is Michaels?” Kelly watched her father turn from momentary Dad back to cop and she knew that he would stay in that role for the duration. Her thoughts were confirmed when he barked at her to retrieve the .22 caliber pistol she had hidden in the closet. It had been a birthday gift the year she finished law school and moved into her own place. He also took her to the shooting range and made her practice until he was

sure she could handle the gun and shoot well enough to hit her target. In this case, her target could turn out to be her stalker and she only took a second to decide if she was capable of shooting him if he entered her home. There was no doubt if it came down to her life or his, she’d take the shot, or shots, her father had taught her to shoot twice or double tap an intruders in the head or heart. He had told her more than once; always go for the kill shot if you mean it otherwise, don’t use a weapon. The worst scenario would be an attacker taking your weapon and using against you, he preached. Kelly knew he was right, he had seen many victims tortured and killed by their own weapons. It was well after midnight when she had her place to herself. Her house had been checked and double checked and checked once more to appease her father’s fears. Her phones had a tracer on the line and Officer Callahan was right where he was supposed to be, guarding her house from any intruders. She was exhausted both mentally and physically when she finally fell into her comfy queen sized bed. Kelly thought sleep would come right away, but that was not to be. All she could think of was the man on the other end of the phone. She could not stop his voice and his threat from playing over and ever in her mind. For once, she didn’t feel foolish asking for help. The horror of being singled out by a certified psychopath had just begun; now she was so paranoid she almost had a heart attack when she dropped the mug on the floor, sending tiny shards of glass everywhere. Six months had turned her into a person afraid of every noise and shadow. The ordeal became even more real one day about three months after the first call. Kelly came home from work at her usual time, well after dark, and found that someone had been inside her home. She knew without doubt it was her stalker. The calls were bad enough and when the gifts started to arrive, she felt truly exposed. The gifts were juvenile; he sent stuffed toys and handmade hearts, like the Valentine’s Day Cards she made in elementary school. The police confiscated each and every one, to search for something, anything, to lead them to her stalker. Again, they found nothing. Receiving the items was awful enough, but a line was crossed the day he entered her home. She knew he was telling her he could get to her any time he chose. Nothing, not even the police could stop him and she received his message loud and clear. This guy was a pro and a sadist who was getting strange satisfaction wielding power over her at will. He left red roses on the kitchen counter, a photo album filled with pictures he had taken of Kelly everywhere she’d been for months and then, he had helped himself to several pieces of her lingerie. He came and went without being seen by a soul. Kelly was beginning to see him as a phantom who could show up anytime he desired. He was mocking the police. She ran as fast as she could to the officer on guard duty that particular evening, Jimmy Callahan was on shift again, and within minutes her home was crawling with cops and this time, a forensics team hoping to get a print or hair or something they could use to identify her stalker. He was meticulous. He obviously wore gloves, there was not even a partial print left behind. Not even a single hair or

anything they could use to gather DNA evidence. The shock really came when it became evident there was no sign of forced entry and he had found out her alarm code. No one knew the code except her parents, and now it seemed so did her stalker. Her father was frantic. “Are you sure you turned the alarm on when you left this morning?” He was treating her like a suspect. “Yes, I’m positive.” Kelly answered more than a little pissed at his tone. “Who else has a copy of your key? Who did you give the alarm code to, Kelly?” “I told you, no one but Mom and you.” Kelly tried to keep the sound of the annoyance she felt from her voice. She was the victim here and he was acting like she was the one who did something wrong. “What about that guy you dated last year?” Her father was acting as if she was holding something back. “Jason?” Kelly said incredulous he would even remember. “We had two dates, he never came here, and I met him at the restaurant.” “Well, young lady, someone has a key and your alarm code; how do you explain that?” Kelly just stood for a moment and stared at her Dad, the cop. What was he implying? She felt her cheeks redden in anger and humiliation. It felt to Kelly that every detective, officer and forensic expert had stopped what they were doing and stared. All eyes seemed to say to her they were not buying her story. “You Cops never change. This is exactly why I became a victim’s advocate. You can’t solve the crime, so it must be my fault! I am the victim here. Do your jobs and leave me alone.” Kelly made a beeline for her bedroom before they all saw her cry. Damn them, damn them all and especially her father. She felt herself begin to lose it. Months of terror and now they wanted to blame her? She had always had great empathy for her clients at Victim’s Support, but now she knew how they really felt. In every crime the closest people to the victim and even the victim herself were looked at with suspicion. It was particularly difficult on rape victims and families who lost someone to murder. It was part of the gig. Crimes were usually committed by someone the victim knew or at least was acquainted with, but this was insane. Her tears stopped as she became determined. She be damned if she’d let them treat her this way. Kelly wiped her face on a towel she’d thrown on the end of her bed that morning. Feeling composed again she decided to give her old man a piece

of her mind. There was a knock on her bedroom door. It had to be her father coming to continue his interrogation. Kelly flung open the door, ready for a fight. “Whoa, there Kelly.” It was Jimmy Callahan, the officer who was on guard duty that night. “Sorry Jimmy, I just got a little riled at the Chief. He sure has a way with crime victims.” Kelly said really looking at Jimmy Callahan for the first time. He was handsome, she thought as she studied him further. His eyes were so blue and even the cop hair cut suited his face. Jimmy caught her assessing him and Kelly looked away in embarrassment. When she looked back ay Jimmy, he just smiled at her with what seemed a knowing smile. Kelly shook her head. The last thing she needed right now was the complication of a new romance. Kelly knew that any cop would be a fool to chase after the Chief’s daughter. His smile indicated to Kelly he didn’t care. She quickly moved away from him, hoping that would stop any ideas he may be getting. “I was just checking on you. Forensics is finished and the Chief wants two cars on your house, especially after today.” Jimmy said looking solemn; he knew what was at stake. “I’m going to run you up to the hardware store and get some new deadbolt locks and such. I was a locksmith before I became a cop. All you need to do is change the alarm code. Don’t make it something easy this time, like the last four digits of your phone number!” “I guess, but how complicated can four digits be?" Kelly suddenly felt the fear of finding her home had been entered. Tears threatened to fall once more, but she fought them back. She smiled feebly at Officer Callahan and allowed him to escort her to change the alarm and get some new locks. Her Father never spoke to her; he didn’t even look her way as the police began to leave her house once more. Kelly allowed Officer Callahan to lead her and she followed, too exhausted to do anything but comply “That was then.” Kelly said out loud to no one but herself and the shards of glass on the kitchen floor. Kelly gingerly stepped around the broken glass and grabbed the broom. She was becoming as skittish as a cornered wild animal. Six months was starting to feel like a lifetime and they still had no idea of the identity of the man stalking her. Her social life, what there was of it, was now completely non-existent. Forget dating, men were making her sick. She went to work and came home, only stopping at the grocery store or video place a couple times a week. She never arrived home until after dark. Her job was demanding and her clients needed her at all hours. The only thing she’d changed at work was no more out calls at night. Still, she was always available by phone to listen and sometimes talk a frightened victim into testifying against the person who had made her a crime victim or convincing another not to

give up on life. She was tired of telling her clients life would get better when she was not sure hers ever would. Her stalker was winning. She was trapped at home, exactly where he wanted her; no life, only waiting for his next call or gift or the seemingly inevitable face to face encounter. She looked out the window. Jimmy Callahan was sitting in his cruiser. Another night guarding the boss’s daughter. She didn’t’ know if he had a wife and kids, but she hoped not, he was always at her house. The other cruiser was nowhere to be seen, but that was not unusual. Often one or the other cruised the streets surrounding her home on the lookout for suspicious activity. All seemed well; except for her near heart attack at the sound of the coffee mug she dropped on her kitchen tile floor. She needed a hot bath. Maybe she would actually sleep tonight. Her doctor offered her a prescription of Xanax to help her relax, but Kelly wanted to be alert to any noises in the night. She declined. Maybe she would try Chamomile tea; it was supposed to help with nerves. She shook her head, she wasn’t a tea drinker. It was too late for coffee; maybe hot chocolate would do the trick. Kelly cleaned up the broken glass and ran a bath. She stripped and put on a cozy, soft white terry robe and put the kettle on for hot chocolate. Her body had to give in and sleep eventually. It had been months since she had slept through the night. Hot chocolate in hand, she made her way to the tub. Kelly had to admit, the hot water was doing wonders for her muscles, stiff from stress. She didn’t soak for long and within twenty minutes she had on a pair of pajama bottoms and a ribbed tank top. Kelly pulled down the sheets and was ready to crawl in when the phone rang. Her heart began beating double time. Something told her this call was not from a friend or client. She slowly reached for the phone, putting it to her ear without saying hello. “How was your bath, pretty one?” Kelly slammed the phone down. She felt herself begin to panic and then remembered Jimmy Callahan was just outside. Taking deep breaths, Kelly gingerly walked through her house to the front door. She was half expecting her stalker to jump out of a closet or behind a door. How had he known she had taken a bath? By the time she made it to the front door, Kelly was breathless from fear. Just a few more steps and she would be safe with an Officer and his gun. Kelly heard a noise behind her and screamed. She flung open the front door just to find Jimmy Callahan racing toward her. She threw herself into his arms, never feeling so relieved to see anyone. And safe, she felt so safe. “He called, Jimmy.” Kelly said trying to speak but feeling breathless. “He knew I took a bath. Oh my God, how could he have known I took a bath?”

“Get behind me.” Jimmy ordered as he drew his police issue weapon out of the black leather holster and held it out in front of him; he appeared ready for a confrontation as he checked every inch of Kelly’s home. He slowly walked toward the front door, his weapon at the ready. Kelly slipped her hand through his belt. There was no way she was going to allow herself to be separated from Jimmy Callahan. She thanked God he was there. The Officer and his frightened victim made their way back to the house. Once inside, Jimmy checked every room and found the house empty. He grabbed a blanket off the couch and gently placed it around Kelly’s shoulders. It was still warm in the St. Pete area, but Kelly felt chilled to the bone. She was visibly shaken. Officer Callahan led her to the couch and gently pushed her down. Kelly just stared into nothingness. The phone calls, the gifts, the break in had taken their toll, but the call tonight had almost pushed Kelly over the edge. She could not take another minute of this constant fear. First thing in the morning she was getting out of that house. May she’d leave town be out of town, at least until they apprehended this guy. Kelly’s senses began to return and she felt angry again. Who was this coward? What kind of man would do this to a woman? She almost wished he was there so she could put a bullet right between his eyes and end this for good. All she knew for sure was she would not be spending one more night living like a frightened hermit. Jimmy had obviously left the living room while she was deep in thought. He was standing next to her with a glass of wine in his hand. “This will help your nerves, Kelly.” “No, no thanks. I have to keep a clear mind.” Kelly said with determination, but still grateful he was there and trying to help. “Drink, I’ll stay with you tonight.” Jimmy said forcing the wine into her hand. Kelly smiled, but put the full glass of wine down on the coffee table. The last thing she wanted right now was a drink. She looked up and saw Jimmy staring at the glass of wine with a strange look on his face. Kelly immediately felt badly, he was just trying to help. “Oh Jimmy, I’m sorry.” Kelly said smiling at her rescuer. “You have been so amazing. Guarding my house almost every might; being here for me. How can I thank you?” “Every night, “Officer Callahan said. “I’ve been here every night.” “You’re kidding me?” Kelly replied, a funny feeling staring in her gut. “Not every night? That’s crazy, it’s been months.”

“It’s not crazy!” Jimmy said a little too emphatically. “I traded with the other guys on their nights. I needed to make sure you were safe.” “Does my Dad know?” Kelly asked knowing the answer. In fact, everything was suddenly becoming very clear. “Are you kidding?’ No, he doesn’t know I was here every night. He wouldn’t understand.” “What’s to understand, Jimmy? You are just a good cop doing his job, right?’ Kelly knew the answer and she was in trouble. “Drink your wine.” Jimmy said. Kelly hesitated; she wasn’t touching that glass of wine under any circumstances. “I said, drink your wine.” “I said no. In fact, isn’t time we called my Dad and told him I received another phone call?’ Kelly asked, trying to stay calm. Maybe if he thought she didn’t know… “Listen, Kelly, I know what’s best for you. I saw you around the station with your victims in tow. I knew then that a woman that looks like you shouldn’t be working with scum like that. When you smiled at me I realized you were begging me to get you out of there. I knew you liked me.” Jimmy started to ramble. “You always looked so nice, but some of those clothes you wear. Well, they are a little revealing. You need me to help you. I can teach you to stay at home and be with me. These last few months have been so good, haven’t they? You in here; me protecting you and watching you through the windows. You need me, Kelly.” “Jimmy, I don’t know what to say.” Kelly was stalling for time. Where was the other officer? Who was it, Jackson? He would have to come and check when he saw Jimmy had left his patrol car. “Maybe we should tell Officer Jackson he can go home now, Jimmy. He doesn’t need to stay with you here protecting me.” Kelly said desperate to get to the other officer on duty. “You don’t need to worry about Jackson. He’s done for the night.” Jimmy said with a smile; Kelly could not help miss his ominous tone. Kelly realized without a doubt, there was something terribly wrong with Officer Jimmy Callahan. The reality of her situation dawned on Kelly. She felt as if she had believed a lie her entire life. Shock waves coursed through her body. It was just Jimmy, no one else would come. Jackson and Callahan checked in with each other every hour on the hour. The precinct would not call the two officers meant to be guarding the daughter of their Chief until dawn. Kelly glanced at the clock on the living room wall; 10; 30 P.M., Kelly James was in for a very long night. That was assuming she would survive the night. If Jimmy had killed Jackson, as she feared, than he would not hesitate to hurt, even kill, her if she stepped out of line.

“I thought I told you to drink your wine?” Jimmy interrupted her thoughts. Kelly saw an expression on his face that she knew meant obey or else. She picked up the glass of Merlot and pretended to sip. She did her best to give him a smile as she slowly put the glass back on the table. “You call that a drink! Come on, Kelly, this is a celebration. I can’t join you, I’m still on duty.” Jimmy said gesturing to his SPPD uniform. He had kidnapped the daughter of the Chief of Police; he had been stalking her for months and obviously hurt a fellow officer, or worse. He was deluded, crazy, insane, if he believed he still had a future as a cop. She wondered if he’d ever be caught. He had covered his tracks so far, obviously by using every trick he had learned as a SPPD officer. He had out smarted them all and even managed to be a crucial part of the investigation. Officer Jimmy Callahan was completely nuts, but he was also as smart as any of her father’s officers. He would never leave a trace of evidence. Her stalker was her protection! The irony was not lost on Kelly; her stalker had been assigned to sit outside her home and he made sure he was present every night. Kelly James feared for her life. This time, when she raised the wine glass to her lips, she took a substantial sip. It burned like acid on the way down and as soon as it hit her stomach, it threatened to come up again. All she knew was she had to be as clear as possible. Even move she made, every word she uttered, could mean life or death. She had hours to face, alone with Callahan, before anyone would suspect she was in danger. She was sure her father was home sound asleep, comforted that she was under the care of his best people. She felt her heart sink, if she was a dead woman, her last hours on Earth were going too spent with the man who made her life a living hell for months. Kelly berated herself for being so blind. Callahan had slipped up and she missed it. She had missed Callahan’s own admission that he was her stalker when he revealed that he knew her alarm code. He said; “Don’t make it so easy, like the last four digits of your phone number.” That comment was no guess. He had known all along what her alarm code was, that’s how he gained access to her house and was able to leave the flowers and help himself to her panties. How could she have missed such a blatant admission? Her father said her stalker’s escalating would prove useful. He would eventually slip up. Well, he did and she let it roll right passed her; if only she had made the connection. Her stomach threatened again when she remembered thinking how attractive Callahan was as he spoke the one clue that would have saved her from whatever dark plans he had in store for the next seven hours. “Drink up, then we’ll head to bed. I’m exhausted after working all these nights. Don’t get me wrong, Kelly. I was never happier than when I was sitting outside watching over you. But now that we are finally together I can stay here with

you. I’ve known for so long you and I were meant to be together. When you smiled at me when you came into the station, I knew you wanted me, too. We can tell your father when we’re ready, but for now, let’s just escape into our private world. We’ll tell your old man when we decide on the wedding date. Does that sound good to you?” What was she going to do? She picked up the wine and drank again, barely keeping it down. Her head was already beginning to feel a bit foggy. She had to think fast. “Sure, Jimmy, that sounds great, but honestly, there is no way I can sleep now.” Kelly had to find a way out of the house and call for help. She was feeling strange. All the stress, months on end of fear and now, she was face to face with the person who had put her through so much. Why was she feeling so light headed? “Give it about twenty minutes and you’ll be sleeping like a baby. I put a little surprise in the wine. A few drops of GHB and you will have the best rest of your life.” Jimmy said acting as if drugging her was a natural thing to do to someone. “That is definitely a perk of being a cop. There’s lots of evidence I can get my hands on; GHB, guns and even drugs if you want to get your perp busted fast. I put a gram or two of his drug of choice in his pocket and he’s up State for at least five to ten, depending on his record.” As Jimmy bragged about his clever ways to send an innocent man to jail, Kelly felt defeat take over her will to survive. She knew exactly what GHB was. It was known as the date rape drug and in a matter of a few minutes she would lose any control of the situation she may have which was comparatively little, but at least she was conscious. Kelly stood, really feeling shaky, and attempted to move toward the door. “Whoa, little girl, where do you think you’re going? Has that G kicked in already?” Callahan reached for Kelly’s arm and she tried to wrench herself from his grip. The room was beginning to spin. “Stop!” said Kelly, her word slurred. “What’s this? You ungrateful bitch.” said Callahan. He was beginning to show his true colors, Kelly thought. She tried again to free herself and was rewarded with a backhand across the face. Kelly stumbled and fell, hitting her head on arm of the couch. She lay still on the living room floor, her head throbbing and the room spinning. She had enough. All the weeks of stalking, the terror and fear, the knowledge that no one was coming for her with Jackson out of commission. The utter exhaustion she felt after months of little to no sleep. Everything was adding up to create exactly what Jimmy Callahan had planned; he had slowly worn her down to nothing more than a shell of

her former self. Kelly had lost her will to fight. She almost hoped he would kill her and make it fast. They would catch him eventually, but for Kelly, her will to defeat this psychotic cop was over. She closed her eyes as she quickly lost consciousness. Her last thoughts were of her Mother and Father; “Maybe this will help them find each other again." Kelly murmured, and then all she saw was black. Kelly James was a broken doll for Callahan to play with for hours and then make sure she could never tell. She regained her wits and woke hours later. Her first thoughts were foggy. She believed she had finally slept. She tried to roll over and sleep some more, but she couldn’t move. Her eyes flew open as the memory of what had transpired earlier that night came back in a flood of realization. It took only seconds to see she was bound to the bed. Her wrists tied to the bed posts and ankles tied to the footboard. Callahan had changed her clothes to some kind of frilly night gown she had never seen before. Tears started to leak from the corner of her eyes. Her head throbbed with pain. “Why could I not have just died?” Kelly thought to herself, feeling that the cop bastard had more in store for her and wondering what he had done to her naked body when she was unconscious. She was trapped; a prisoner in her own home. She turned her aching head and managed to see the clock. It was three A.M.; she had been out for hours. She had assumed that the precinct would contact the officers would stood guard outside her home by dawn. That gave Callahan about three hours to do whatever he wanted to her before anyone became suspicious. Three hours was a lot of pain, torture and even rape before he had to kill her and get out of her house. Kelly fought her restraints, trying desperately to free herself. He had tied her hands and legs with expertise. She couldn’t budge. Still she struggled, there was still a chance she would escape this horror. Then Kelly remembered the gun. It was is the drawer beside her bed, loaded and ready to use. If she could just get to the gun! Kelly knew she would have no trouble killing this psycho. She was getting angry again. How dare Callahan use his position as an officer of the law to terrorize women? She had a feeling he had managed to commit crimes like this for years without detection. Posing as the cop sent to rescue the victim was the perfect cover. It gave him access to the house and the victim. She had actually run into his arms when she received the last call. The call that came from Callahan himself as he played the role of her hero, she felt foolish for a moment then realized, of course she'd felt safe; who wouldn't? Man, she wanted to kill the bastard. All she had to do was somehow get free and grab her gun out of the bedside table drawer.

In the middle of her thoughts, Callahan entered the room. Kelly felt her heart race in fear, but she also felt a determination she hadn’t felt in a long time. There was no way she was going to let him win. “You’re awake.” Callahan said sounding like an excited kid on Christmas morning. “I hoped we would have some time together before this was all over. You know I can’t stay?” “Why not?” Kelly asked feeling the bile rise in her throat. She was going to play his sick game and win, that was all there was to it. “Kelly, think about it! They’ll find out it was me and I am going to jail. You know what they do to cops in jail?” Yea, exactly what you deserve, she thought, but continued in the role she decided to play. “You won’t go to jail, silly. I’ll never tell. I know you saw me looking at you the other day. I think you are a handsome guy, plus so brave, being a cop and all.” Kelly put on her best act and prayed he would fall for it. “Really?” Callahan asked. “I did notice you checking me out and you always smiled at me when I saw you at the precinct, but last night you were acting so scared, I thought you changed your mind.” “No, of course not. I just can’t figure out why you tied me up, Jimmy.” Kelly was having a hard time treating him like she cared when in fact all she wanted to do was end this nightmare. “I think you should untie me and let me make you something to eat. Then we can sit and talk about our future.” “Yea, that would be nice. I’m starving. How do I know I can trust you?” Callahan asked with a paranoia she hadn’t noticed before. “You saw me looking at you, Jimmy. I can’t help how I feel. I don’t even blame you for tying me to the bed. You had to be careful. But now you know how I feel, so let’s spend some time deciding what to do when the cops get here.” Kelly spoke quickly, trying to reason with him. He had to untie her; it was the only way she could win. “By the way, I love this pretty nightgown you dressed me in. Thank you, Jimmy. Where did you find it?” “You like it?” Jimmy asked like a little boy who just drew a picture for his teacher. “It was my Mother’s. I knew you would look beautiful in it and I was right.” He smiled at her, she was winning. She tried not to recoil at the news she was dressed in his mother’s lingerie. What the hell had that woman done to this man? “I love it.” Kelly said giving the best performance of her life. “Untie me, Jimmy. Let me freshen up and I’ll meet you down stairs. We’ll eat and talk and plan; what do you say?”

“Okay, I knew you loved me. I just knew it. We are going to have such a great life together.” Callahan made a move toward the bed. Kelly held her breath as she waited to be set free. Suddenly, Jimmy hesitated and she felt her heart sink. “How do I know you mean it? What if you are lying to me? My Mother always lied, telling me I was the best she ever had, but then she’d bring all those other men to our house and do dirty stuff to them. Are you a liar, Kelly?” “No, I am not a liar. Have you seen me with one other guy since you came into my life?” Kelly was desperate, the minute he thought of her as a woman like his mother; she was dead. “No, it’s just been you and me. It’s always been you and me.” Callahan smiled at her and leaned close to her face. For a brief second Kelly thought he was going to kiss her and she was sure she couldn’t fake liking that. But to her relief he didn’t. “You better not be lying to me. I will make you pay just like Mother paid, do you understand?” Kelly nodded her head; her heart was racing at the hatred in his voice. Jimmy Callahan was one screwed up man. She spoke softly as she replied. “You can trust me Jimmy, I really care about you.” Finally, he started to undo the restraints. When she was free, she gently touched her bruised forehead. It still throbbed from the fall. Kelly rubbed her wrists and ankles; they felt dead from being tied for so many hours. She ached all over, but she knew none of her injuries were permanent. She gave a sigh of relief as Jimmy left the room. Kelly slowly sat up, her arms and legs still aching and tingling from being bound. As soon as she was sure he was gone, she quietly opened the drawer that held the gun. It was gone! Tears stung her eyes from utter disappointment. She should have known Callahan would remove it from her reach. Now what was she to do? She walked as best she could to the bathroom and quickly washed her face. She was still groggy from the drug he put in her wine and the feeling in her arms and legs was taking it’s time returning. When she saw herself in the mirror she almost gagged. Jimmy’s dead mother’s frilly nightgown looked ridiculous. Kelly felt close to giving up, but dug deep for the strength to end this; one of them would be dead before this was over and she vowed it wouldn’t be her, no, she would survive this nightmare. She would fight until she beat this psycho who dared steal months from her life. She entered the kitchen and Callahan beamed at her, like a little boy happy to see his Mommy. She almost passed out when she spotted her gun next to him on the kitchen table. She had to get that gun. Kelly chatted cheerfully as she attempted to make breakfast. He stayed strangely silent. He seemed mesmerized by her every word and her every move as

she took eggs and bacon from the fridge and prepared to cook. She set the table and found her hand just inches from the gun. She could do this. “Jimmy, honey, why don’t you go and wash up before we eat?” Kelly said choking on her words and hoping against hope he'd forget the gun. “Yes, ma’am.” He replied like a small boy would to his mother. Her heart sank when he picked up her .22 and put it in his waistband. He was back in seconds and sat at the table ready for the meal she placed in front of him; digging in like he hadn’t eaten for days. Kelly sat across the table from him with her own plate and felt ill at the thought of eating a single mouthful. She picked up her fork and pushed the food around to make it seem as if an effort to share a meal was being made. Not that it matter, he never looked up from his plate. Kelly knew this was her last chance to get a hold of the gun. If she didn’t try it would be over for her anyway. Callahan was insane. His little fantasy would end as soon as she said no or stop playing along with the charade. She made a decision. It was now or never. Getting up from the table to grab the coffee pot she refilled her own mug first. Kelly walked around to where Jimmy sat, contentedly shoveling bacon, eggs and toast into his mouth. Slowly she leaned over to fill his mug with fresh coffee. Callahan looked up and smiled at her and she made her move. With all the strength she could muster she slammed the glass pot across Callahan’s smiling face. Glass shattered and hot coffee spilled all over his face, neck and shoulders. He jumped up, screaming and holding his face. “You bitch, you fucking bitch!” he yelled as he continued to try and wipe the hot coffee off his burning cheek. “I am gonna kill you! You are gonna suffer, bitch!” He turned to reach for her and his angry expression turned quickly to one of surprise. Kelly had grabbed the gun in all the confusion and wasted no time shooting him two times in the chest. One shot must have hit him right in the heart, because he tried to speak and nothing came out; he fell to the floor. Officer Jimmy Callahan was dead. Kelly sunk to the floor where she stood, the gun still pointed at her tormentor. He didn’t move. A large pool of blood grew larger as he bled amongst the glass, spilt coffee and what was left of his breakfast. The police found Kelly in the same spot two hours later. She was told much later that the precinct, unable to hail either officer by radio, sent two cruisers out to check on the scene. The found officer Jackson dead as he sat behind the wheel of his patrol car and Callahan’s car empty. They called for backup and rushed the house, only to find the scene in the kitchen.

Chief James arrived only minutes after the dead officers were discovered. He gently led his only child outside and away from the dead stare of Officer Jimmy Callahan, cop, stalker, son and now, thanks to Kelly James, unable to hurt her or anyone else again.

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