, "
. November 30, 2005
Dear Secretary Clark:
I am to request participation in the Delegation of Authority Program pursuant to
287(g) of the Immigration and Naturalizatien Act. Given our historical relationship, this
is a partnership that will enable us to better serve and meet the safety needs of the nearly
two million residents of
We have your Riverside California Oiiice. Assistant
Agent been extremely; helpful and with his guidance ;we
are making the
Establishment of an Identification Review Officer through three of our
five detention faci!hies, the Robert Presley Detention Center, the
Southwest-Detention Center, and the Indio Jail. These are booking and
pre-trial.detention .
. Train seven (7) Con-ectional Deputies who have a minimum of two years
experience, a secure background to ICE, and have appropriate
second language skills. The officers will be initially deployed at each facility
to provide 12 hours a day, seven day a week coverage.
There are training facilities available at our Ben Clark Training Center. Instructors can use
computer training aids, video, as well as conventiOtfal material used in instruction at the Clark
Training Center. This./facinty is regularly used to provide training, and has space for more
than fifty students <some classrootpS: -
This program. will allow as to into a Memonmdwn ofUnderstanding.tbat will enable us
to pat1icipate with ICE in Cri.minal illegal Aliens who pose a risk to the citizens of
Ri'v.xde County. I 1(.;0& forn:ard to.,your speedy this requesNmd moVing
protIam furtbe-f?enefit of all:; . .

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