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Balkan Identities,

Balkan Cinemas
A collection of articles and reviews
about Balkan cinemas
published by NISI MASA -
European network of young cinema

The ‘Balkan Identities, Balkan Cinemas’ publication

is based on a youth seminar which was organised by
NISI MASA, together with its Bulgarian member Art
Group Haide, in Blagoevgrad, South-West Bulgaria, in
March 2006.

Supported by the Council of Europe and the Fondation

de France, this meeting gathered young participants
from 8 Balkan region: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia,
Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania,
plus guests from other European countries and local
audience. Directors and film critics coming from
the Balkans and various parts of Europe (e.g: Ron
Holloway) were invited for film discussions.

After the seminar, participants and members of

NISI MASA wrote the texts that are now compiled
in this 89-page book made up of two main sections:
Thematic approaches (e.g: ‘‘Kitch and black
humour’’) and National cinemas. This second section
is divided into chapters on Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia,
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey.

The book also includes reviews of recently released

films from the Balkans, such as 12:08 East of
Bucharest by Corneliu Poromboiu (Romania,
2007), Go West by Ahmed Imamovic (Bosnia &
Herzegovina, 2005), Kukumi by Isa Qosja (Kosovo,
2005), and many more...
Balkan Identities, Balkan Cinemas
Coordinators: Matthieu Darras, Maria Palacios Cruz
ISBN : 978-2-9531642-0-6
March 2008
Format: 89 pages (16x23 cm)
Price: 10€ + postage fee

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10 rue de l’Echiquier, 75010, Paris, France

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