Sample Code of Conduct

Your board or committee
name goes here
Message from the Chair
A statement from the Chair or President
Make it clear when the code will apply and to whom. For example, you may wish to
clarify if it only applies at board meetings, or also at official board isits and at eents
where indiiduals represent the board.
Your Board’s Values
!n all our operations and relationships we alue"
• set out here your alues, role or mission
Personal behaiour # ! will"
• act ethically and with integrity$
• act according to the legislatie re%uirements, policies and ethical codes that
• make decisions fairly, impartially and promptly, considering all aailable
information, legislation, policies and procedures$
• treat members of the public and colleagues with respect, courtesy, honesty
and fairness, and hae proper regard for their interests rights, safety and
• not harass, bully or discriminate against colleagues, members of the public
and employees$
• contribute to a harmonious, safe and productie work enironment by our work
habits, and professional workplace relationships$ and
• sere the goernment of the day by fulfilling our purpose and statutory
Communication and official information # ! will"
• not disclose official information or documents ac%uired through my work, other
than as re%uired by law or where proper authorisation is gien$
• not misuse official information for personal or commercial gain for myself or
• adhere to legal re%uirements, policies and all other lawful directies regarding
communication with Parliament, ministers, ministerial staff, lobbyists,
members of the media and members of the public generally$ and
• respect the confidentiality and priacy of all information as it pertains to
Fraudulent and corrupt behaiour # ! will"
• not engage in fraud or corruption$
• report any fraudulent or corrupt behaiour$
• report any breaches of the code of conduct$ and
• understand and apply the accountability re%uirements that apply.
&se of public resources # ! will"
• be accountable for official expenditure$
• use publicly'funded resources diligently and efficiently. (hese include office
facilities and e%uipment, ehicles, cab charge ouchers, corporate credit
• use corporate credit cards only for )oard'related expenditure$
• not use office time or resources for party political work or for personal gain,
financial or otherwise$
• keep to policies and guidelines in the use of computing and communication
facilities, and use these resources in a responsible and practical manner$ and
• be careful to ensure that any trael for official purposes is only done so when
absolutely necessary.
*ecord keeping and use of information # ! will"
• record actions and reasons for decisions to ensure transparency$
• ensure the secure storage of sensitie or confidential information$
• comply with our record keeping plan$ and
• where permissible, share information to fulfil our role.
Conflicts of interest # ! will"
• ensure personal or financial interests do not conflict with my ability to perform
my official duties in an impartial manner$
• manage and declare any conflict between my personal and public duty$ and
• where conflicts of interest do arise, ensure they are managed in the public
I commit
• to taking responsibility for reporting improper conduct or misconduct which has
been, or may be occurring in the workplace. ! will report the details to the
releant people or agency$ and
• to taking responsibility for contributing in a constructie and positie way to
enhance good goernance and the reputation of the board.
Public Sector Requirements
! am committed to upholding the principles in the Code of +thics. (he )oard accepts
the minimum re%uirements set out in the Conduct ,uide for )oards and Committees.
(his code of conduct builds on these minimum re%uirements.

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