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Menopause is a point in a woman's life when she stops menstruating for a full year

and this can be overwrought with many symptoms, some bearable and some
discomforting. Menopause symptoms like mood swings, loss of libido, extreme
fatigue, hot flashes and weight gain are a cause of concern for most women.
However, less common symptoms like Tinnitus- ringing or buzzing in the ear- change
of body color and sometimes a sensation akin to electric shock under the skin may
be worrisome.
Medical opinions associate Tinnitus with menopause. According to many studies,
this ringing in the ears is a physical condition that can take place due to other
reasons as well. Medicines like Prozac and regular aspirin may cause Tinnitus and
research is underway to establish the role these medications play in causing
hormonal changes during menopause.
Menopause and Tinnitus: Causes
Many women may opt for an HRT, (Hormonal Replacement Therapy) as a treatment for
early menopause, hysterectomy and peri-menopause or because their physician
recommended it. Certain studies point a finger at HRT aggravating Tinnitus, as it
uses artificial progesterone to ensure regular cyclical bleeding.
Most people experience Tinnitus as age sets in and menopausal women are not the
only sufferers, though they seem worse affected than men. The onset of Tinnitus in
menopause can make the best of us complain of fluid retention, depression,
headache, dizziness, insomnia, raised blood pressure and migraines.
This ringing in the ears can be linked with both peri-menopause and menopause for
women in their forties, fifties and sixties more, as compared to any other age
group. Another theory links menopause symptoms of sweating, hot flashes and mood
changes to side effects of Tinnitus. Circulating hormone estrogen and progesterone
can lead to or aggravate Tinnitus during menopause.
Menopause and Tinnitus: BHRT
Modern times have seen medical developments leading to Bio-Identical Hormone
Replacement Therapy that has gained more popularity than HRT. This is mainly
because BHRT consists of plant compounds, is identical in structure to human
hormones, and therefore found more effective than HRT. This news brings hope for
women going through menopause and putting up with Tinnitus as it may relieve them
of the side effects associated with traditional HRT.
Menopause and Tinnitus: Effects
Menopause brings with it other issues like emotional stress and vitamin and
mineral deficiencies, which can be common antagonists leading to Tinnitus.
Nutritional deficiencies of B Vitamins, zinc, folic acid, antioxidants that are
crucial in maintaining the overall health of women, may bring on Tinnitus or
worsen the existing condition.
Menopause and Tinnitus: Treatments
Hope springs eternal and women's health experts offer simple solutions to the
problems associated with menopause and Tinnitus. The first step is exercise and
good nutrition, as these are beneficial for overall general health and bring
relief from the persistent ringing in the ears. To make that annoying buzz go
away, it is important for all menopausal women to take sufficient rest,
particularly when stressed out or fatigued.
Seeking medical advice from an expert can clue you in about metabolic disturbances
and provide necessary guidance about specific diets that could help. There are
nutritional supplements like Arches Tinnitus relief formula, Tinnitus stress
formula and Tinnitus B12 formula available for women undergoing menopause and
suffering from this pain in the ear.