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Report on the Industrial Visit to Voltas Thane Plan

Report on the Industrial Visit to Voltas Thane Plan

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Published by: snehalaicar on Nov 27, 2009
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We leave AICAR BUSINESS SCHOOL at 12 pm on 20th august 2009 and reach the Voltas plant at 2 pm. We are given a brief introduction about the Voltas plant by Mr. Satish Tambe (DGM manufacturing and design dept) and Mr. Satvindar Singh Rainu (Chief Manager of Production Engg.) The company was started by Volkart brothers and then taken over by TATA group of companies.It is spread over 20000 sq meters Voltas punch line is “Enduring Engineering Values”.

They are having three units in the plant:

EMRBG IPBG MATERIAL HANDING There are approximately 700 employees in Thane plant 350 workers 250 officers 100 works on daily basis. According to their last balance sheet they have made a business of Rs 4300 cr. And the profit of rs.300 cr. In which Rs. 2800 cr. Is generated through Projects and Rs 500 cr. is by EPBG devisions

A brief note about the working of the plant
1. Voltas AC&R Thane plant was established in 1964 and the

production started in 1967. 2. Their are three divisions in Thane plant

PRODUCT ENGINEERING 1. Voltas has a very strong product engineering base, engaged in design and development of new products as well as carrying out improvements in existing products. 2. Their approach of intelligent innovation and customized problem solving is given full play through the use of advance design software. These include the RR programme for Coil designing, and Auto Cad Mechanical series 6 with Solid modeling package for alternative design and quick evaluations. COLLABRATIONS Voltas manufacturing capabilities focus on the product of collaborations with world leaders in air conditioning and refrigeration: 1. Screw chiller package from Durham Bush, U.S.A. / Malaysia. 2. Vapor absorption machines, both steam-fired and direct-fired from Hitachi Limited, Japan. 3. Shell & Tube-type condenser/chiller from Stanford Refrigeration Company, U.S.A. COMPONENT MANUFACTURING The core strength of Voltas manufacturing is its ability to produce precision and complex Components in-house by using state opf art of machines and manufacturing processes. The various machines installed include:
1. CNC horizontal machining centers. 2. CNC turning centre.

3. Fanuc tape drills

COIL MANUFACTURING Coil made from aluminum fins. and copper tubes are made in house using: 1. Fin press and hair-pin benders 2. Vertical and horizontal expanders 3. Automatic coil brazing machines

This result in coils of highest quality, with various options such as louvered fins, slit fins, sine wave/ corrugation. Vapour absorption machine manufacturing
1. Voltas manufacturing set-up has modern fabrication facilities with

Tungsten Insert Gas welding, enabling production of high-quality welds which can meet stringent leak testing of the order of 0.00001 atm CC/sec. Performance Testing
1. Performance testing facilities are installed for the entire range of

products , ranging from 5 TR packaged/split ductable units to 1000 TR absorption machines. 2. The various rating conditions are simulated. 3. The stabilized and closely controlled water flows are maintained by digital control. 4. An additional facility os steam boilers is also an integral part of test bed facility, enabling testing of steam fired vapor absorption machine of 80 TR to 1000 TR capacity. Quality Assurance Voltas Thane plant is certified for ISO 9001:2000 by TUV of India. It means the products coming out of the plant are of consistent quality and reliability. Questions asked from the students

1. What are the safety measures taken by you for avoiding accidents or

2. 3. 4.

incidents. What are your marketing strategies? What are your relations with your employees? What are the strategies adopted by you in the recession period? What are the welfare activities you are running for your employees?

CONCLUSIONS It was a pleasant experience visiting Voltas industries.we got a chance to see how the work is done in the corporate. What are the challenges faced by them and how they overcome those challenges.

We experienced the trip under the guidance of Miss. Harpreet Kaur.

Submited to: Miss. Harpreet Kaur

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