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WHAT THE NUMBERS MEAN 1 “Hun” Source - Receive it. 2 “Ca” Polarity - Stabilize it. 3 “Ox” Movement Activate it.

4 “Can” Measure - Define it. 5 “Ho” Integration - Empower it. 6 “Uac” Time/Space - Flow with it. 7 “Uc” Resonance - Merge with it. 8 “Vaxac” Galactic - Harmonize it. 9 “Bolon” Solar - Mobilize it. 10 “Lahun” Planetary - Manifest it. 11 “Hun Lahun” Dissonance - Integrate it. 12 “Ca Lahun” Complex Stability - Understand it. 13“Ox Lahun” Ascension - Live it. WHAT THE GLYPHS MEAN IMIX - ee’meesh - Dragon - East/Red - Instinct/Physical - throat chakra; Water. Energetic, creative, and initiating. protective and dominating in a parental way. Sensitive and private. IK - eek’- Wind - North/White - Instinct/Physical - heart chakra; Air. Commutative, mental, agile, clever and multifaceted. Idealistic and romantic. Fashion conscious or artistic. AKBAL - ak’ bal - Night - West/Blue - Instinct/Physical - solar plexus; Earth. Powerful, logical, organized, deep, thoughtful and conservative. Good endurance, introspective. KAN - k’an - Seed - South/Yellow - Instinct/Physical - root chakra; fire. Interested in leadership and performance. Active, dynamic and sexual. Influential, with high standards. CHICCHAN - cheek’ chan - Serpent - East/Red - Instinct/Physical; crown chakra; water. Strong willed, extremist, powerful and charismatic. Strong emotions that affect others. CIMI - k’ee mee - Death - North/White - Reason/Mental; throat chakra; Air. Security conscious, materialistic, sacrificing, helpful. Concern for the community and politics. MANIK - man eek’ - Hand - West/Blue - Reason/Mental; heart chakra; Earth. Peaceful, generous, cooperative, artistic, inspiring, nomadic, outspoken, individualistic. LAMAT - la mat’ - Star - South/Yellow - Reason /Mental; solar plexus; Fire. Energetic, busy, nervous, clever and playful. Intelligent, but somewhat paranoid. Likes to fight. MULUC - moo’ look - Moon - East/Red - Reason/Mental; root chakra; water. Emotional, imaginative, psychic, romantic. Dominates others easily by projecting strong feelings. OC - oak’ - Dog - North/White - Reason/Mental; crown chakra; Air. Cooperative, consistent, loyal, helpful. Team player & leader; needs variety in life. CHUEN - chu’ wen - Monkey - West/Blue - Emotional/Physic; throat chakra; Earth. Attention getting, artistic, clever, demonstrative. Multiple interests, communicative and curious. EB- eb - Human - South/Yellow - Emotional/Physic; heart chakra; Fire. Relaxed, courteous, careful and useful. Also sensitive, touchy and easily hurt. Ambitious and hard-working.

BEN- ben - Pillars of Light - East/Red - Emotional/Physic; solar plexus; Water. Popular, knowledgeable, accomplished, competent. Crusader for principles. Takes on challenges. IX- ee’sh - Wizard - North/White - Emotional/Physic; root chakra; Air. Secretive, sensitive, intelligent, psychic. Concerned with spirituality. Aggressive but avoids direct confrontations. MEN- men - Eagle - West/Blue - Emotional/Physic; crown chakra; Earth. Independent, ambitious and escapist. Scientific, Technical, critical, exacting. Has unique ideas about life. CIB- k’eeb - Cosmic Warrior - South/Yellow - Spiritual/Universal heart; throat chakra; Fire. Serious, wise, realistic, pragmatic. Hardened to life, status conscious. Very high standards. CABAN- ca ban’ - Earth - East/Red - Spiritual/Universal heart; heart chakra; Water. Mentally active, rationalizing, clever, practical. Liberal, progressive, controversial. Strong convictions. ETZNAB- ets’ nab - Mirror - North/White - Spiritual/Universal heart; receives; solar plexus; air. Practical, Social, struggles with relationship. Self-sacrificing, suppresses anger. CAUAC - k’awak - Storm God - West/Blue - Spiritual/ Universal heart; root chakra; Earth. Youthful, restless, friendly, helpful. Multi faceted. Good student/teacher. Drawn to philosophy / religion, healing / purification. AHAU-ahow’- Lord of the Sun - South/Yellow - Spiritual/Universal heart; crown chakra; fire of creation. Loving, devoted, artistic, dreamy and romantic. Socially awkward but well-intentioned. Stubborn and uncompromising.

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